Mini-Initials Tattooed under a Ring

I would assume the ink is going to have trouble staying in place — inner fingers are hard enough to do without worrying about fine detail and difficult colors! But the tattoo (his initials, done in flesh colored ink — fresh and red in this picture) is on his left middle and is intended to be covered by a ring once it’s healed. It got me thinking that I kind of like the idea of a wedding ring tattoo like this (initials that would rest under the ring). That said, I have a wedding ring tattoo and, well, the tattoo lasted longer than the marriage!

Tattoo by Sue at Amber’s Blue Velvet Tattooing in Langhorne, PA.

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22 thoughts on “Mini-Initials Tattooed under a Ring

  1. I never really got why people got their own names/initails tattooed on themselves. Nicknames I can understand.. Whatever makes you happy I guess.

    How are your inner finger tattoos holding up Shannon?

  2. Can someone please explain the self initial tattoos?
    I’m sure that there isnt one reason for everyone but I was hoping someone that has one could please explain their motivation for getting it.

  3. Maybe it’s their way of saying, this is me this is who I am.

    I identify strongly with my name. And I am sure when I get married (as I will take on my husbands name) I will get my maiden name tattooed.

    You can’t always explain a tattoo, more often than not it just feels right.

  4. #4, you’ve led me to an amusing thought:

    Monogramming? So if he leaves his finger lying around in public, people will know who it belongs to?


  5. A lot of the 100+ year old history pieces Shannon submitted a while back did point to initials and names for personal identification. Maybe he’s forgetful?

  6. flesh colored ink on the inside of a finger to be hidden by a ring — talk about subtle…

  7. My ex-husband could not for the life of him understand why I would tattoo my children’s names on my skin but not his. Simple enough – children last forever! Husbands, alas, do not.

    Never have been able to dig the concept of tattooing one’s own name on oneself. Kinda silly, in my opinion, but to each his/her own!

  8. Oddly, more than anything else I’ve seen on modblog this makes me squirm and think “ouch that looks painful”.

    Something about the pic makes it look like a really nasty burn, and then the thought of it rubbing under a ring, the position of the tattoo looks painful… the whole scenario makes my flesh tingle in a bad way.

    Weird. The guy with the boiled nuts didn’t even make me flinch, but this I can’t look at without squirming in my seat.

  9. Heh… coming from the girl who had the wedding ring tattooed… Yeah, bad idea.

    You know what would be cool about this tattoo though? if that were what it looked like healed. I like the redness around it, it’s pretty sweet looking (but then again, that’s just me)

  10. Possessed,

    Trust me I have debated it. A lot. And what it boils down to is this.

    Marriage is about compromise.

    We all have our quirks, things that mean a lot to us that other people sometimes just don’t understand. My soon to be husband’s quirk is he is kind of an old fashioned traditionalist. And though we have never discussed it I KNOW it would hurt him for me not to take his name. So I will. But I also do it because I KNOW that if I came to him and told him that it would mean a lot to me to keep my last name and that is what I really wanted he would support me in that decision.

    I think it’s something that means more to him than it does to me. And I won’t stop identifying myself as a Manini just because my last name changes to plain old Johnson. Plus I’ll come out with better initials, B.J. is WAY better than B.M.

  11. I have my initials tattooed. Some people think it is vain or arrogant, for me it was just an affirmation of who I am and always will be. I look at and know that no-one can change who I am. Those letters are me. Forever.

  12. Manini: that’s fair enough. I only asked because it seemed in your first post like giving up your name would be something you would be reluctant to do.

    Best of luck for your wedding :)

  13. …… Ok? Remind me to submit pics of the imperceptible scars left by a piercing I only had in for a day placed to be hidden by clothing.

  14. I have definitely taken in consideration of having my initials tattooed somewhere on me in case something was to happen and I could be identified. Once I have children I will have there initials on them. I absolutely don’t want to think of something bad happening, but life takes turns on you.

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