34 thoughts on “More Boys of Singapore

  1. I’m not partial to asians but the guy with the blonde in his hair and the guy with the red in his hair…


  2. the first picture contains the two things i hate most in pictures – people throwing the horns, but doing it wrong, and people randomly giving the finger.

  3. I’ll throw this one out there-
    “I’m not partial to asians”
    All asians?! Why? What? How? Damn, thats a lot of people you’re “not partial” to.
    It always confuses me when race becomes fetishized for sexual attractiveness. I’ve seen it happen a lot, especially being a minority. Why is that? Why is it that people say things like “I’m not partial to asians” like they would say “I’m not partial to muscles”. What is the deal here? And why is it okay? Is this problematic to anyone who hasn’t been eroticized (or not at all) for simply being non-white?
    Note: I am speaking about my experiences and observations in Canada and the US

    but anyway
    I like that he’s thretening to light his ass-bill on fire with that lighter.

  4. Vanessa – It’s not really so odd to fetishize an entire racial group… After all, think how many people like tall people, or long hair, or blondes, or as you mentioned, “bigger muscles”, or whatever generic characteristic.

    Racial groups have different general appearance foundations. I don’t think it’s surprising that some people find one more physically attractive than another… Personally I think it only moves into offensive territory when the statement is larger and makes broader judgements (ie. “I don’t like most Asians” verus “I don’t find most Asians attractive”).

  5. The fourth picture is hysterical. It took me a second to notice Blondie’s boxers getting pulled on by the middle guy.

    They’re darling!

  6. They are really hot.
    And Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by 4 really hot asian guys?
    I know I do.
    My birthday is comming up.
    I want them.

  7. oooooooooooh I LOVE the boys from Singapore!!!!!!
    I 2nd Rachael’s comment…except my birthday is already past. 🙁
    Thanks for giving us girls some eye candy Shannon!!!

  8. Vanessa –

    I meant tha tI dont find most asians attractive. It has nothing to do with culture or background but just as appearance. Lol, you didnt have to take it so personal

  9. Damn those are some super sexy men. Ahhh hahahah. They are so tasty and the tattos only help that. Always up for seeing a sexy Asian or two.

  10. wow. once again, i am going to be greedy… boys, please, i want you all! come to me, please, come now. okay, really, i’m a little moist. thank you, shannon for posting these lovely boys. me-ow!

  11. hahaha posing
    its totally an asian thing
    as a race, theyve totally got it down. this is coming after 8 years of living in asia and taking countless photos with them. i like it.

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