Eze Nunez Tattoo Collage

I’ve mentioned it a few times, but I’m a big fan of the tattoo work of Eze Nunez (BME gallery, although much of his work is spread out across multiple galleries). There are a lot of great artists in Argentina, and Eze is definitely high on that list for me! He does the convention circuit as well, so if you’re interested in work, check out his site for a schedule.

18 thoughts on “Eze Nunez Tattoo Collage

  1. eze does very nice tattoos indeed…i think that right now is among the top 5 argentinian tattooers of all around…nice stuff

  2. Wich other Argentinian artists would you recomend. I´m from Argentina and have five black ink tattoos but i´m designing a big color one and i want it performed by the best tattoo artist


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