Medical Jewelry and a Philtrum Piercing

Hey, people get braces these days just because they like the way braces look, but I’m going to guess that the decision was care of an orthodontist… Hopefully he didn’t hassle Notorious about her 14ga philtrum piercing (aka Medusa piercing).

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34 thoughts on “Medical Jewelry and a Philtrum Piercing

  1. Haha. I got my braces back in november and couldn’t be happier. People say they suit me seeing as I love metal :]

  2. ugh, I hate it when dentists and such give me shit about having a tongue piercing, and then immediatley retract what they just said because I’m not a moron and don’t wear steel balls on my barbell. cute pic though!

  3. Braces are cute and I like piercings…. but as a piercer, I’d definitely have to say no to that one. I had a philtrum and scrumper at the same time, and no matter what jewelry combination I used, including custom-made stuff, the two pieces of jewelry always got caught together. I imagine this would be somewhat similar.

    But then again, what do I know? It’s my normal practice to discourage ANYBODY who’s spent lots of time and money on their teeth to get any oral piercing. I can’t discourage everybody, but at least if people think about it a little harder, they may make the decision that their oral health is more important than a piercing… and besides, there’s always somewhere else to pierce!

  4. Aww cutie. If she is having the interlockuing braces/disk problem I suggest a little peice of that orthodontic wax on the back of the peircing. Worked quite well for me :) & love the boxing gloves too!

  5. sorry if im falling out here,m but i find braces are one of the most disgusting things there are! i really hope she has them in for medical reasons and will take them out eventualy, i thinks theres nothing more unattractive than braces on women…but then again theres alot of people who dont agree with me…

  6. when you get your braces off… holy crap. i can’t even describe it. i think i got a cankersore from running my tongue over my teeth so much.

  7. The medusa looks sorta fake, like matte? I don’t know how to describe it, but it looks almost..copy pasted? Anyways, i’m probably way wrong but yay orthadontia and her plugs are awesoooome.

  8. sigh, makes me miss my braces. they were a pain in the ass and my smile is so much prettier without them..but they are so cute!

  9. I loveeeeeeee braces, so cute! Although, when I voice this I get called a pedophile..haha, but I know lots of girls around my age (21) that have braces an its super cute!

  10. I never got to have braces – I was cursed with straight teeth but I tried my damnedest to convinve my dentist I had a crooked one. My stupid big sister got to have them…as did all my friends! Look how adorable they can look…

  11. This girl is beautiful :) (Jealous!)
    She kind of looks like the Ugly Betty girl (only not ugly, obviously, and a bit more modded).

    I am very in love with those plugs, I think I might have to invest in a pair sometime soon. And her bangs… I love a girl who can rock bangs and not look ridiculous. I might have a girl crush.

  12. I used to have braces, and I loved them! What I didn’t love was my orthodontist…who seemed to go out of his way to cause PAIN in my mouth! I just had my lower retainer taken out (it was cemented in and was starting to separate my teeth) and he hit pretty much every nerve in my teeth! It hurt so bad.

    She’s a cutie! I’m of the opinion that nobody can look bad in braces because they just make everybody look so cute!

  13. i have braces and although it’s pretty fun to get your bands different colors (mine are turquoise, to complement my magenta hair) i’m so sick of them. can’t wait to get ‘em off in a month. couldn’t you get a braces-shaped and colored retainer (like, mouth retainer) so you could get the look of braces when you felt like it, but not all the time?

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