Predict the hand from the foot

I think you can make a guess as to what his hand is going to look like when you check out the stubbed down toe amputations… Click through to meet the claw!

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48 thoughts on “Predict the hand from the foot

  1. Nice,Shannon. For a second I thought you were now making BME lighters. I like, nicely done.

  2. Is the desire to do something this extreme part of body integrity identity disorder?

    Most body modifications are cosmetic in nature… but something like amputating a thumb seems to me like it would be fairly debilitating.

  3. ooh, is it like the people on that TLC show? the people w/ terad..something..dont’ remember name,, where the hands/feet are like that?… or it could be self..

  4. i definately don’t have nothing against this mods and related…but what comes to my mind is…when it is too much for a modification and starts crossing the line towards mutilation? if we consider mutilation as the act of any practice that will restrain ourselves from our natural abillities. i think it’s cool that people love and njoy this type of mod…sometimes i just don’t see how thick that line is…

  5. there’s always something so warm and “comforting” with missing digits, can’t explain, always been a huge attraction.

  6. A modification is usually where something is added to the body, this is quite different and is psychologically more in common with acts such as self harming where the desire is to feel more complete or alive through the action.

  7. I believe the hand might be that strange mutation from birth.
    I’ve watched a few shows on it, and it looks exactly like that, the hand at least.

  8. A friend was talking about an experiance meeting a person with cleft hand/cleft foot a few weeks ago.

    Its an interesting situation where during development the middle digits don’t develop and so you get a split going down through the palm of your hand almost to the wrist.. or the same for your foot going back quite a ways too.

    Its neat because sometimes the people end up with really cool looking hands/feet.. assuming your into that sorta thing.

  9. Ectrodactyly is the technical term for the lobster claw syndrome, but his hand looks like it was done on purpose. You can tell the thumb and the pinky have had segments removed, I’d be willing to bet that the other 3 came of in the same way, I highly doubt he was born like that.

  10. “Nice,Shannon. For a second I thought you were now making BME lighters.”

    hahaha me too.

    seriously though, have we decided whether this was DIY? i find that pretty disturbing.

  11. for question 6.
    in my opinion i dont think all voluntary amputees have BIID.
    I think amputating is really great.
    plus…short stumps are awesome.

    i wanna see more pics of his hand.

    “It is not just the amputation that you have to be in love with, but it is the whole dynamic of being an amputee that you need to embrace.” – NoHand, 1998

  12. im now demanding BME lighters.

    that was dissipointing lol

    yeah i never realy ‘got’ the whole amputee thing, but hey whatever floats your boat and makes you happy

  13. Neato.
    Wasn’t there a post (a really long time ago) about a man who was in the process of removing his big toe? I wonder if this foot belongs to him.

    I normally hate feet, but thats a damn good looking foot. So maybe I just hate toes?

  14. wait, i’m confused as well (along with #3 – at least i’m not alone:). the toes were amputated voluntarily but the hand is natural? either way, the hand really reminds me of thalidomide deformatons.

  15. Could just be the angle of the photo..? Maybe the rest of his stumpy fingers and palm are hidden behind there somewhere?

  16. Every day I control my desire to make my feet look just like that and one day I’m gonna lose it.

    So far I’ve just removed the toenails. The whole tips of the toes is my true want….but sadly, I just can’t. Husbands, geesh, they just don’t understand.

  17. #30: Forget your husband and pursue what YOU want.

    If he doesn’t accept it as part of who you are, he doesn’t deserve you!

    . . . having had family members react with horror, fascination, and dread when looking at any and all of my TOTALLY MAINSTREAM, CONCEALABLE, AND REALLY QUITE PC tattoos / piercings, I’ve come to the conclusion that if they try to prevent you from getting what you want–in anything, really–fuck ‘em.

    Amputation sure ain’t my thing, but far be it from me to say that anyone can’t do it to themselves!

  18. I’m guessing his hand is originally that way. It’s just too neat, otherwise (to remove three fingers plus chunk of the palm?) unless it’s just the angle and the middle fingers (and palm) are there, but hidden.

    When I was in junior highschool a classmate of mine had both hands with regular thumb and small finger, but the three middle ones were just one small lump all fused together. She was just born like that, she held a pen really strangely, but other than that, had normal handwriting since it was that way from first grade.

  19. …or I should say, having two fingers, I think is the original state. He maybe cut the ends off since then.

  20. #31: I am all about doing what makes you happy but you can’t always say: me, me and me. This it he problem with people today, everyone is self centered and selfish; marriage is about commitment and sacrifice, sometimes you also have to consider those who love you.

  21. #33:

    The main reasoning behind what I said is not so much be self-centered as look at the reality of the situation. How much do her feet really affect their relationship? Her happiness and comfort in her own body–which might be assisted by augmenting her toes–will certainly affect their relationship more.

    The only way that I think her trimming her toes would possibly affect their relationship is if he were a foot fetishist. I think prohibiting someone from doing something that doesn’t really affect you is just silly and self-centered on their behalf.

    But that’s all just my opinion, and worth exactly the internet it’s typed on.


    Dumb people make me laugh :D

    And anyone who comments saying “Lol you must make yourself laugh” blah blah, Yes, I do make myself laugh… AT UR DUMBNESS!! AHAHAHAHAHA

  23. Of all the things I don’t understand, amputation is one of the things I don’t understand the most. But if it makes you happy, knock yourself out.

  24. im confused….
    i think i saw a comment similar up above but, wouldnt doing that affect balance, and with a “claw” as a hand, surely that would affect day to day activities to some degree?

  25. I’m 99% convinced that the other three fingers are hidden by the angle. Holding my thumb and pinkie together and tilting my hand, it looks exactly the same. Minus the stumpiness of course. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat my hat. Maybe.

  26. #30 is really is really symptomatic of much of the bodymod community. A community of self-centered me, me, me people.

  27. >>44
    >”wouldnt doing that affect balance?”

    It depends how much is removed. This person has all the toes, they’re just short, so it’s not so radical.

    A relative of mine is missing the smaller three toes and a big chunk of foot with it (NOT voluntary amputation, rather something really heavy falling on the foot and chopped it off) and his balance was odd for a bit but now is normal.

    The hardest is losing the big toe, from what I hear. A coworker of mine at a previous job has lost the front part of one foot entirely (from serious “flesh eating bacteria” infection it had to be removed) and she wears special shoe inserts but other than that walks normally now.

  28. I love this nearly toeless feet – would wish to be min. I would prefer to see the sole with the short stumps. great work

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