Friday the 13th Photoshoot

FauxPas as photographed by Danger Ninja Productions, and as modified by Nicky and Josh at HPP/The Parlour in Eugene, Oregon.

Edit: Let me add one more photo…

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50 thoughts on “Friday the 13th Photoshoot

  1. Though everyone seems to be saying how nice every girl is looking, can’t say i aggree on this one. But we can’t all aggree. Nice arm tattoos though.

  2. i approve of the ink, disapprove of the underwear. i guess the obvious solution is for her to wear less :)

    loving the music sleeve

  3. haha — I have the french thong version of those panties :P

    (yes, that’s the only comment I have – hardly worth the space)

  4. I do belive it is “Don’t know when but a day is gonna come” by Bright Eyes

    They say they don’t know when but a day is gonna come,
    When there won’t be a moon and there won’t be a sun.
    It will just go black, it’ll all go back, to the way it was before.

  5. This isnt meant to be nasty – but are you sure “she” is a “she”?? Maybe its just the way shes standing in the first pic. Love the tattos tho!!!

  6. This has to be one of my favorite tattoos I’ve ever seen on this site… I’m quite the music lover and even though it’s so simple it just makes me want to look at it forever. :D

  7. I love the music scroll up her arm a beautiful design. I would like to see her chestpiece in more detail, very colourful.

  8. I especially like that the song seems to continue on her left arm and that the skull on her right hip is so feminine and pretty.

  9. Ya know, just ’cause she isn’t a size 1 and showing off her pussy lips doesn’t mean she can’t be attractive. This girl is one of THE MOST attractive girls I’ve seen posted on here in a long long time. Keep up the posts like these!

  10. UnholyWheelz – agree totally.

    Great tattoo work coupled with a strong attractive person.

  11. I just LOVE the music sleeve!
    As someone said before me, this is definitely one of the most beautiful tattoos I’ve seen here.
    I actually have one planned for my leg, also with musical notes of a song I like, so I guess great minds think alike (-;

  12. I love love love the music sleeve. I’m thinking about my own sleeve at the moment, and something related to my favourite song was definitely something I was considering, it looks wicked.

  13. Just because she isn’t a size 1 and showing off her pussy lips doesn’t mean we automatically have to find her attractive.

  14. Beautiful tattoos on a beautiful woman. I completely agree with 26 about her cheek piercings!

  15. Thank you sasha!

    It seems like there’s a pressure to like the way everyone looks if they’re posted on the blog.

  16. Well, I’d argue that an open-minded person can find beauty in most things, and that one of the keys to life is learning to find and focus on beauty, rather than whatever things may or may not be flaws or unfashionable or whatever.

    So I actually think it’s a good thing if people go to an effort to think about what they like in a picture (or a person, or a memory, or a current situation, etc) and express that, rather than just having a knee-jerk i-don’t-like-that outburst.

  17. Great art and she wears it well. Beauty is subjective, but to me she is beautiful.

    I completely agree with what Shannon said above…

  18. Thank you Shannon for putting a more curvy woman up on modblog, personally I think most of the girls posted are pretty, but waaay too thin!

  19. I like the strength and beauty of these photos. The music scroll is lovely!

  20. #13 – what would it change if she was not female bodied at birth

    – Nope, just a-wondering. I prefer the 2nd pic, much prettier lol

  21. Shannon – there’s no denying that there is a beauty to this woman, I find her particularly interesting to look at. It just seems that people expect everyone to find her attractive and I think there’s a big difference between finding someone attractive and seeing there is a beauty to them.

    I’m not sure this makes sense..

  22. Wiggledance- It does make sense. I think the same line of thinking applys to the pictures of Shannon’s own tattoos that he posted. I wouldn’t want them on my body but I see the beauty in them. I wouldn’t want to sleep with this girl, but I find her, her tattoos and the pictures as a whole beautiful.

  23. Just a “note” to say that all those causing “treble” about this lovely woman’s gender status should give it a “rest.” Obviously the BME “staff” are finally taking a “bass”-ic “stanza” in favor of curves — and this model is “dynamic” by any “measure.”

    Sorry. Sorry. Just sayin’.

  24. I think this woman has a great body shape, she looks very natural and happy with herself.

  25. The music on her arms is so gorgeous. Gorgeous girl, gorgeous ink. And Nicky at HPP actually did my most recent piece not too long ago.

  26. She’s so gorgeous. She has the prettiest tattoos. I’m in love with the skulls on her hips.

  27. I Love This
    She Is Not Super Skinny & Still She Shows Off Her Curves

    This Girl Is Great

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