Becoming an Hourglass

Possessed has currently cinched down to a 24″ corset, and is training down to a 22″ final size.

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122 thoughts on “Becoming an Hourglass

  1. looks like sh**t to me.her hips are bigger than shoulders….shouldn’t be like this

  2. Her nipples aren’t supposed to be popping out over the top. It’s the wrong kind of corset to be lacing that small. A corsetted waist does suit her, though.

  3. In response to #4, I actually think she is probably in perfect proportion but that the photo was taken from a weird angle, like someone was sitting on the floor and took the shot angled UP toward her, making her hips look bigger. At least that’s what I think. I think she looks stunning.

  4. What kind of bullshit response is “shouldn’t be like this”? Just because you aren’t attracted to it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a perfectly natural form (the hips, I mean, of course the waist is modified). Why do you think big old hoop skirts were popular for so long? Not only did they make the waist look tiny, they made the hips look big which was a good thing because having a baby’s head get lodged in the birth canal during delivery isn’t good for anyone. Ever heard of the Venus of Willendorf? Just because you don’t like something, doesn’t mean that it isn’t supposed to be that way. Not everyone is going to be attracted to every body type but it’s amazingly ignorant to think that means only certain types are appropriate.

  5. personally i think she looks great if poster #4 doesnt want her I’ll gladly take her, well not to be freaky or anything lol.

  6. anyone who has negative comments clearly hasn’t worn a corset for more that five minutes. instead of focusing on attributes that might not appeal to you, perhaps you should think about how hard it is to train your body to cinch down that far. i can’t even wear a corset that’s barely cinched.

    much respect.

  7. I can only speak for myself, what I meant was that i didn’t really find it attractive this way, but that’s me. Each to their own ofcourse, always.

  8. She looks absolutely amazing cant wait to see updated pics with the smaller corset

  9. this woman has a fantastic body, it SHOULD be like this.
    boys don’t seem to understand, but when a MAN looks at a body like this, it drives them wild.

    #4&6, go look at some anorexic pr0n, or go fuck a corpse.

  10. I would love to start cinching, though my waist looks pretty well defined on its own, I’d love to get down to 24″ (I’m currently at 27″)

  11. Definitely agree. Perfect figure.
    Well, it would be perfect if she had just a little bigger boobs, but… hey, it’s okay anyway.

  12. aren’t women’s hips supposed to be bigger than their shoulders? or at least almost? hence the hourglass figure, and not like… an upside-down triangle figure..

  13. Oh wow, I made modblog! Yay! Thanks for all the lovely comments and to those who don’t like it… well, I can’t say I mind too much.

  14. Im sorry but i think a woman whos hips are bigger than her shoulders is hot.. and im straight.. but i know how to appreciate a curvy figure.. i feel like if a woman didnt have hips she looks like a little boy or a football player… hips are wonderful to grab onto… or at least.. thats what my boyfriend says…

  15. very pretty woman. i wish more women were into corsets. her hips and ass are rockin’ too. my current girlfriend is the first i’ve ever dated with a real ass and i have to admit its a whole different, wonderful world compared to all the pixie like girls i used to date

  16. to #4
    actually having hips a little wider than shouders is more natural for a woman than the opposite
    but my question is… what is she doing on modblog..?

  17. I’ve gotta start waist training… That just looks so incredibly sexy.

    I have no one to help me, though.

  18. #24 – Waist training is a form of body modification, just as tattoos, piercings and so on are. When someone commits to waist training, they’re permanently changing the shape of their body, rather than just as a fashion thing. It’s probably one of the more extreme forms of body modding.

    I love it, anyway. How small is she planning to go, does anyone know?

  19. Beautiful girl but I don’t favor the hourglass look.

    Cheers on accomplishing that level though.

  20. This is probably a dumb question, but does this put an stress on her internal organs? I mean in the movies when girls have corsets (like Pirates, heh) she can barely breathe. Like I said, probably a dumb question.

    Anyway, conrats on the progress cutie!

  21. #32,
    I’m pretty sure there are some dangers involved with corsetry, not sure how dangerous or if at all but one would think it would cause some type of stress on internal organs in that area.

    #24, corsetry has been around for a very long time and it is’nt a put on the corset waist gets smaller and then take off corset waist goes back, it’s a permanent modification that has risks to it just like piercing and tattooing

  22. It doesn’t put any stress on my internal organs, no. The only real problem is it’s harder to smoke while I’m wearing it! Haha, if that can be called a ‘problem’. 24″ is actually not a massive reduction for me – between 6 and 8″ depending on the day. It took me about 6 months to be able to close that corset (although I don’t wear it daily), so it’s definitely made a subtle change to my body over time. It doesn’t really hurt to wear it anymore, and I love the way it makes me feel. I feel so much more confident and sexier in a corset.

    Now I just need to save the money to buy a 22″ corset! There’s an amazing corset shop in Glasgow, so I’ll head there. Bit of a hassle to find a spare hundred pounds, though… Might be time to get a job.

  23. To #24, because she is modifying her waist. Like earlobestretching, it is body modification..

    But wow I love this figure.

  24. That corset shop in Glasgow IS amazing!! Glad you mentioned it, it’s called Cyber and is on Kings Court if anyone is interested

  25. I think everyone needs to see that #24 is the girl pictured…because it seems as tho you think she didnt understand what was going on, when really she was thanking everyone.

    I was wondering where you kind find more information on doing this. Its really interesting to me!

  26. Not to beat a dead horse… But, #4 you’ve got a little bit of a god-complex huh?
    So we should assume that you were the head architect for the design of the human form from now on right? You’re entitled to an opinion, even encouraged to share it in a public forum such as ModBlog, but why would you if all you have to offer is insolent ignorance… Also, I will go out on a limb here and say that you probably have mods, how do you/would you react when/if someone passes were to a crass judgment on you because they feel that the human earlobe isn’t supposed to be streched or that it is unnatural to have ink under your skin?

  27. I’m not exactly offended per se, but I’m naturally a very skinny girl and as much as I don’t like the general idea that women “should” be tiny, the idea that women “should” be anything else is equally ridiculous. Everybody is a different size, and there’s people that are attracted to all kinds of things.

    I think it’s fine and should be encouraged to say something like “I love girls that size,” or even “I’m not attracted to (whatever)” but it isn’t necessary to insult the other side.

    But then again, I think people should be allowed to say whatever they want, no matter how stupid.

    I’m so torn, haha. And this comment wasn’t supposed to be this long :p

  28. Where did she start? What measurement?

    I’ve really wanted to start training–I’ve thought about trying for an 18″ waist. (4 1/2″ reduction)

  29. Um, oh wow. #4 pisses me off, because in my own bi-girl opinion hips wider than shoulders are the sexiest thing ever. Even if it’s just the angle that looks like that… dayuuuum. What a totally gorgeous woman. And an accomplishment! Good luck on 22″~

  30. so much for breathing…

    corsets are fun but only for short periods of time. at least to me, constant shallow breathing doesn’t seem that healthy(hence the fainting scenes in POTC).

    to possessed: from my experience its much easier to go much smaller with an under-bust corset, because then you’re less squishing your boobs rather than your mid-section, but looks great anyways!

    ps. can’t wait for the corsetry column!

  31. I was about to say as a guy i’ve been wanting to learn about corsetry with fakir as a rolemodel and where can i find more information but i guess if fakir is doing a column that answers my question

    Secondly, her ass gives me thoughts and feelings that are probably illegal somewhere MWAHAHAHA *orders coach to scotland*

    and thirdly not only is #4′s statement incredibly small minded and offensive he can’t spell shit it seems…

  32. For some weird reason, nr 29 was nr 24 earlyer when I commented. My comment was directed at him.

  33. This picture is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to do tight-lacing, and once I can pony up the cash, I want to get a lovely everyday underbust beginner corset. Wow wow wow wow.

  34. #4, what shape is an hour glass exactly??? Oh could it be wide, thin, wide?? You think maybe?? Correct, wide at the top then taper in and back out again!! If you have nothing nice to say, shut up, you fucking retard!! At least she has the guts to put her picture out there for people to see!!

    I think you look fantastic Possessed, a proper womans figure!!

  35. i don’t think i agree that it “should” be like this, because i think what “should” be is what the person themselves wants to be. so, maybe she should be this way, but i don’t neceassarily think a woman’s body should be this way, in general.
    it’s a retarded statement to say that every member of the sex should be any certain way.

  36. Jesus, I guess we forgot all about the ‘pear’ shaped women who are smaller on top and larger at the bottom. :\

    Either way, she is pretty, and I hope we see the 22″.

  37. I love the look of corsetry but unfortunately I am thin, tall and don’t have much to corset (I will never be an hourglass or have much contrast even tho I can easily lace 24inches).

    So hopefully women will keep sending in pics like this so I can get my corset fix somewhere else.

  38. #67 SAME :( It makes me sad because I’m already a 24″

    I could wear a corset but it would all be for show. I wish I could modify with one and have it look natural instead of the freaky 18″ deal.

  39. i’m also a tall and thin woman. i have worn corsets on and off for 15 years. just because you’re thin doesn’t mean you can’t look very hot in a corset. don’t let it stop you!

    i prefer tall, very skinny girls. i’m not a fan of curves on myself or any other woman. i don’t see this as a problem, just a prefrence. same as those of you who like bigger women. it makes me a little angry to see so many people calling out those of us who prefer skinny women. very hypocritical.

    a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman, big or small she’s still hot and she still gets my respect for waist training. seriously, if you knew how much of a trial it is, you’d have a ton more respect for this art.

  40. 6-8 inches from what appears to be an off-the-rack corset is pretty amazing.

    If you have the funds, you should invest in a custom corset; you could probably get a 10 inch reduction easily. I can’t think of any corsetieres off the top of my head in the UK, but I know these corsetieres do amazing work and are pretty afordable, especially after you consider the exchange rate.

  41. Woooooow that looks amazing!!! I’m also in the same group with ‘HereKittyKitty’ & ‘Laura’… :(
    I’m very envious of ‘Possessed’, what a great job she has done. Keep it up!

  42. people complain about thin girls, people complain about thick girls. i think she’s lovely as anything, and hot to boot.

  43. First of all, I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I can find/have found curvy women to be attractive, and I can find/have found slender women to be attractive. That’s not at all why I’m posting this.

    I have to agree with #50, #63, and especially with #11 and #71. Responding to the statement that “a woman’s body should be A” by offering insults at the use of the word “should,” and then going on to say, “and besides, a woman’s body should be B”? Very hypocritical.

    These pictures show what Possessed should look like, they do not show what every woman should look like. I have several friends who are naturally very slender — should they somehow NOT look slender? They haven’t done anything to turn out that way, that’s just how they are. Yet somehow they’re not real women? That’s pretty much the message I’m seeing from several people here. Give me a break and get off your own high horses.

    There is no difference between #4 and a bunch of you who are yelling at him. #11 is right to say, “it’s amazingly ignorant to think that means only certain types are appropriate.” I think that #4′s comment was rude and ignorant but frankly, a number of the curves-supporters in this “discussion” are guilty of equal amounts of rudeness and ignorance.

  44. Huh, never thought of corsets in a mod context before, thats pretty cool. And yeah, a bunch of people with mods saying how the human body “should” look is pretty pathetic, even (especially?) when your going against the common “should be skinny” idea.

  45. Possessed you are one of the most gorgeous girls Iv seen on modblog for a while.

  46. I agree with #6.

    The corset isn’t laced properly and looks very cheaply made (is it even steel boned?).

    If she’s serious about tightlacing she might want to invest in a custom fitted corset designed for waist training.

  47. Honestly I don’t understand why people would want to constrict their breathing to the detriment of their other bodily functions (yes I know about autoerotoasphixiation, however it’s spelt :P), to squish their internal organs up into their ribcage, to risk such permenant and damaging changes . . . To each their own, but alas, I like to be able to run and breathe at the same time!

  48. You look gorgeous with that waist (and good luck getting to 22″!) but I can’t help thinking a longer corset/one with a bigger bust allowance would flatter you even more, or an underbust.

    #78 -
    Internal organs are quite mobile and sensible corsetry shouldn’t do them any harm (I believe they rearrange themselves similarly to how they do when an un-corsetted person bends down?). If you lace very tightly quickly, you can do yourself some damage and if the corset is tight enough to cause the wearer trouble breathing or to faint, they’ve tightened it too much.

    Unless I realise I’m doing it, I breathe primarily with the upper parts of my lungs anyway so adjusting isn’t that difficult. The restricted breathing only bothers me when I need to sneeze!

    Most of the changes a corset makes to your body are reversible though. I imagine some tightlacers might have modified their body permanently but lower ribs have a degree of flexibility which allows for a fairly tight corset to be worn without permanent changes being made. I wish my figure stayed the same when I took my corset off…

  49. Why does every post with a picture of a woman become a critique of her weight and attractiveness?

  50. I would agree with #6, but I’m guessing this isn’t the corset she’s wearing for daily waist-training, and instead as just being “worn?” Her breasts may be pulled out because of the nipple piercing; it’s difficult to get an overbust corset where the boning fits comfortabley around piercings. The amount of organ-constriction and permanence will vary greatly depending on the individual! For those who are worried; 2-6 inches is common for even fashion cinching, with not real impact. And whether or not you’re thin (which I too, am) doesn’t really effect the look/appeal or your possibilities. Some of us are just squishier! I recommend everyone to try wearing a corset at least once while being laced up by an expert; the difference is incredible.

  51. “What happened to natural beauty??

    Posted by Punkrock Princess on April 30th, 2007 at 7:21 am”

    It’s a modification site, we’re really not here for that sort of thing ;)

  52. agreed with # 75 and other similar posts. I’m starting to feel a little inadequate with my lack of curves! I’ve always loved hourglass figures….but with my lack of hips, I suppose I’m not a “real” woman? that seems a little silly.

  53. Hahaha to toast! :)

    chris/75/etc. — I think that it’s very safe to say that there are LOTS of different sorts of “real women” (and “real men”). But if you want hips, a corset is a great way to accentuate them no matter what build you have.

  54. For all you lovely people in the UK in need of hand-made, made-to-measure corsets, I give you:

    Also, they will create a TOTALLY bespoke (ie – could be either larger or smaller waist sizes) corset for the same price. And to make sure it fits, they make up a cotton mock for only £20.

    Amazing service, and very fairly priced!

  55. “Why does every post with a picture of a woman become a critique of her weight and attractiveness? ”

    Because we live in a flawed patriarchal society desperately in need of change.

  56. To all worried about health concerns.. the only real one is that because only the top half of the lungs are used for breathing while corsetted (the lower half being too squished in), it can create a build up of phlegm in the lungs.

    But, anyone serious about waist training would know that anyway.

  57. “I think you look fantastic Possessed, a proper womans figure!! ”

    I take HUGE fucking offense to that, a woman doesn’t need huge tits and huge hips to be a “proper woman” so just F.R.O!!

    I personally have the most massive hips but a c cup chest, definately most bottom heavy but I ADORE being pear shaped and wouldn’t have it any other way, I don’t feel less of a woman because I have a small chest in comparison to the rest of me (in comparison to myself, before anyone jumps on that ;))

    Proper woman indeed!

    On another note, Possessed you are really gorgeous, what a tiny toty waist! I may have to look into this corset shop when i’m in Glasgow on Wednesday!

  58. “Why does every post with a picture of a woman become a critique of her weight and attractiveness?”

    Uh oh, looks like we’ve got some insight.

    If this is what she wants to do with her body because she finds it attractive, more power to her. I’m glad she’s got the body she wants. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks.

    (side note: this would be way cuter with the panties over the tights)

  59. I think that Possessed looks gorgeous, because it looks right on her. Beauty is not defined by one particular shape, or face, or ideal. Everyones opinions differ, and everyone thinks that different things look good. That is what creates beauty: so many sorts of people & so many different thoughts.

  60. Shannon, maybe I didn’t express myself clearly enough but I have no beef with corsets. They’re pretty much irrelevant to the points I was trying to make.

    As for health concerns, some of a woman’s internal organs don’t have fixed positions; they get moved around every time she gets pregnant. While I’m sure it’s possible to do corsetry wrong and cause damage, it sure seems like it can be done safely too.

  61. Corsetry column on BME? That would be great if more information was readily available about waist-training. It’s so misunderstood. Not to say that there aren’t risks involved, but I’m a tight-lacer myself and it’s impossible to convince people that I am not violently crushing internal organs causing permanent damage. I’m a big fan of Cathie Jung. She even has x-rays on her website showing how many years of waist-training have modified her frame. Anyway, good luck to Possessed. Overbust corsets aren’t the easiest to train in :)

  62. I think everyone that has commented about how unhealthy corsetting is on the internal organs hasn’t realised that the same thing happens during pregnancy…
    Womans internal organs are designed to move during pregnancy which is why tight lacing usually isn’t a problem.

    But with regards to the photographs themselves, the corset looks like it should be an overbust not an underbust so her boobs shouldn’t be hanging out like that :( but maybe that’s what she wanted?

  63. So wait, does it work on guys too? I’m really confused about this whole corset thing. I understand what a corset is for, but is it actually permanent? Like, if she took that off would she basically maintain that waist (give or take a few inches)?

  64. I think BME is getting too broad, covering too many things that shoud develop separately… doesn’t seem to be a good tendency…
    but that’s my personal opinion

  65. Yes, corsets do in fact put pressure on the internal organs, in the sense that it moves them around a bit; one of the issues of Body Play has a CAT scan of Cathie Jung showing where the organs have migrated to. has lots of info on corsets, the medical risks, pictures, etc.

  66. Looks like fun! My natural waist is 20″ but I’ve been thinking about cinching it down to 16″ with a corset =)

  67. sorry, filthee, i respect your oinion but i have to disagree–as we’ve seen, the use of corsets is a way to permanently change one’s body, and as such i think it should be classified as body modification.

  68. I am surprised no one has yet referenced the Long Island Staylace Association. Their site is one of the better resources for tightlacing information and resources. No, I am not a member. I found them when I was doing my first exploration of tightlacing.
    Yes, serious corsetry IS body modification, it is just that since such modification has been mainstream in the past, it isn’t as “edgy”, “trendy”, or “shocking” as it would be if it hadn’t been done before. Nevertheless, some rather dramatic changes can be effected depending on the style of corset trained in. “Wasp waisted”, or “pipestem” corsets can make some of the most extreme changes, and I encourage everyone reading about this to investigate what is out there.
    Beauty is in both the eye of the beholder, and in the eye of the owner. Which is no excuse for hurtful comments about someone. What a way to engender respect for yourself.

  69. Lovely girl….and she does resemble Kelly Osborn! Only better, but to each their own. The corset is sexy …but I don’t feel her breasts are where they should be either. If she wears just the corset to impress her man….fine & dandy. If she wears her corset underneath any clothing….I think she may have a very strange profile becuase of her breast placement and distortion of them. Lovely waist though.

  70. Gorgeous! Exactly the sort of shape that pings my brain.
    Posessed: Well done lass, and if you need money for your next corset, the clue is in what you wrote: Give up smoking!!! :-)
    Keep up the Good Work and please let us see you when you achieve 22″. Shame we can’t see your web site without joining though – I’m already a member of far too many sites to join yet another one…

  71. Ha! Funny how many overpierced & skin-spammed people suddenly start going on about this is unnatural & unhealthy. Hypocrisy ahoy!

    Personally, I think it’s pretty damn hot. Curves are what separate women from men.

  72. The absolute best site for information on tightlacing is

    It can be done safely, even very extreme reductions. Movies and/or interviews with actresses are not a good source of information because they tend to have to lace down very fast. Reducing by 6″ in an hour or 2 is practically guaranteed to be uncomfortable for most ladies. Proper waist training takes months if not years.
    I am a owner/moderator of a forum site on corsetting – – all who are genuinely interested are welcome to join.

  73. To all seriously interested in corsetting I recommend the Yahoo group “Traditional Corsetry”. All those questions about corset wearing and its consequences are permanently being discussed and answered there.

  74. Hi
    The corset is not being worn correctly (and yes i have worn MANY corsets) This is a over bust corset which means your chest is suppose to be inside it not on top! (which usualy as you get used to them is loser tied at top to fit them in) This is why you need to go in stages to what size you wear becouse the tighter on your chest the more your breathing is retricted.
    Lady needs to losen the top put her chest in and slowly over time tighten it so she can beath comfy.

    Other than that it is a nice steel boned one and is doing its work for the hour glass on the hips and waist well.

  75. Hi this is Carol, proud owner of Cyber, “the fabulous corset shop” in Glasgow Thanx so much for that!

    Your young lady is wearing a Vollers corset style V1905U and it has too short a busk length for a lady of her height and proportions. She needs a longer length (13″ in front busk – heavy steel fastenings at front, not the 11″ that she has selected) And it is sold as an overbust so I don’t know who told her it was a half cup!

    As suggested it is easier to waist train/tight lace in an underbust slyle as it offers far more flexibility for daily wear. It is difficult to organise a modern lifestyle around constant corset wear, yes it will impact on your body fat mass , like everything else it takes time for that pressure to become a permanent modification.

    It is very difficult to ensure a perfect style without a proper fitting.We do not sell without a minimum of 20/30 minute consultation.

    Unless there are serious medical issues anyone, of any size, shape, and gender can have any damm thing they want!

    It is the most intimate garment anyone can buy because you work with the corset to mould your body shape and it becomes unique to your body and can’t be worn by others.

    I realise this is a body modification forum but it’s a love thing and can just be, cos it makes you feel fabulous whether you are slim or curvy – this is the one garment in history where our voluptous ladies win hands down on the skinnies!

    I have been wearing corsets for over 30 years and yes that makes me a youthful 50 plus and I am a trim 22″ for work and 20″ severe – I have been an 18″ but it looked a bit “wrong”

  76. Personally I think you’re all a bit silly; meaning that saying that this is a proper woman’s body when a person is defending it’s looks in relation to someone saying that it shouldn’t be like this, is not the same thing as saying other body types are not also proper women’s bodies. He was just saying that women having hips is natural, and it is. The majority of them do, and butts, and wee little tummies, and rounded thighs, and all sorts of other things many people pay thousands of dollars to get rid of.

    Not all of them have them, though; and, some pay to get them put on, instead.

    What amazes me is how a bunch of people who are into body modification managed to get so heated up over what a body should naturally look like, and in defense of various natural body types. FFS! If natural is so great, why are you even on this site?

    I happen to like natural, myself, best of all. And, I like all sorts of shapes and colors of natural and think most everyone is beautiful, or at least attractive. And, if they add piercings, tattoos, or whatever, usually they still are attractive to me.

    The lady in this picture certainly has a nice shape with the corset, and it would be nice without it. This is not an insult to Angelina Jolie, as the ONLY person whose body is under discussion is the woman in the pictures. So, if I say it SHOULD look like it does, that is not an insult to anyone who doesn’t look like it – if I call her a woman, or an example of female beauty, it is also not insulting anyone else.

    Get a life, weirdos, and get back to discussing the picture and whatever else she may have said or asked in regard to it.

    PS: In case you were wondering, I was googling about, and ended up finding this. I used to be on this site a long time ago, though. Decided I liked natural better.

  77. Forgot to say, by the way to #4: The hips are not, according to my eyesight, wider than the shoulders. They are about as wide, and the rest is the angle of the camera, which is panning up, therefore it makes her bottom look bigger.

    Study perspective sometime!

  78. I think she looks beautiful…face and figure! ignore the misogynistic a-hole who thinks it’s ok to sit there anonymously and tear a women down by criticizing her body shape.

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