52 thoughts on “Hearts Galore

  1. I love the cleavage scars. Never noticed them before because her breasts are usually up and out and together 😀

    The weight loss completely compliments her.

  2. The scars between her breasts really work well, I like them a lot. I also really like the star tattoo’s around her nipples, very cool.

  3. Awww, I always liked her because she was cute and womanly.

    Now she just looks mean and skinny.

  4. The scars between her breasts look taut… Like they are holding her breasts together….If that makes sense.

    Either way, really complimenting mods.

  5. i don’t like the clevage scars that much, it kinda makes her boobs appear to be sagging, which is not the case.

  6. the scars down the middle of my chest were done purely for sex. I am a sub and got them while boning and wanted them because I like Cut Throat to bone my boobs. They work as ribs. He seems happy with them all the time.

    Thank you for the nice comments I am glad People like my work.

  7. Ah, got it. Does your neck say something? I’m trying like the devil to make out what it is!

  8. Hahhaa, no, I’m just dumb. I really did mean hearts, but you’re right that stars would have been the correct thing to write!

    But yeah, I’m with B/24… Anna is great…

  9. Modblog has always been full of haters. -and I suspect fat haters this time. Ever since Anna lost the weight that was about to kill her, there’s been an endless barrage of fat asses talking shit.
    I like a chubby girl once in a while, but a chubby girl with a shit attitude toward a girl taking her health into her own hands and showing some self control is just plain UGLY.

  10. hey! i just realized the hearts form an un-inked star in the center! dig it!

    that was probably obvious to everyone else… hahaha

  11. those are my favorite tattoos of hers

    i was pissed i didnt think of it ahha, i love hearts and stars

    i like the nipple stars acutally too i wanted to do something similar to mine

    just all around beauty i would say

    congrats on the weight lose, you look amazing

  12. I’ve always thought Anna was beautiful, but the weightloss compliments her really well..
    I am a big fan of modification that accents the natural contours of the body somehow, and I think those cleavage scars are very fetching. Not to mention the heartstars have always been favorites… Hot picture of an interesting lady!

  13. Anna = Hotness
    I’m with CutThroat on his view of the haters here too. I’m a chubby girl and working on losing weight for my own benefit and health reasons. I don’t think anyone has the right to disrespect anyone for doing anything that makes them a happier and healthier person.

    Let me re-iterate.
    Anna rocks.

  14. I saw the national geographic video about branding and she’s in it towards the end. And all I have to say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY DAMN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anna, it’s great you lost all that weight, and if you lost any more, I’d have to cut off my dick.

  15. i saw her on wife swap the other night, and if it wasnt her is was someone that looked exactly like her with the same heart tattoos

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