Now that’s a fun prom date

Emma Suicide is your parent’s worst nightmare.

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25 thoughts on “Now that’s a fun prom date

  1. The only remaining question: why bother putting black bars over her eyes to “mask” her identity? :P

  2. “The only remaining question: why bother putting black bars over her eyes to “mask” her identity? :P”

    LOL! you’re so right!

  3. well, she’s 23, hopefully she’s not still going to prom with high schoolers. that would probably qualify as a parent’s worst nightmare.

  4. @ #9 OH MY GOD that reminds me of my sister…when she was graduated and what-not she would seek out highschoolers who didn’t have prom dates.

    Sucha prom whore…

    anywho yes emma go you hahaha

  5. Usually I hate nakid drung girls but what a cute little ball of funness!

    I wuv her…

  6. hmmmmm, that mermaid on her tum-tum is from something, i believe. i can’t quit put my finger on what that image is from. help?

    maybe i’m just imaging it, and it is a custom image. who knows? not i.

  7. #16

    it is custom, ryan cogswell at body art in upstate NY drew it.

    i would love to see what you are talking about tho!!


  8. slapper i say she calls heself a woman no respect 4 herself i have more self respect then her and im 15

  9. I say good for her for being so body confident (as she should be, she’s gorgeous) in a wprld so obsessed with dieting and size ’0′ .
    I think she has more self respect than those girls we see every day following every fad diet.

    Looks like a fun prom =P
    Love her shoulder tat.

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