23 stars… Black or Color?

To fill in or not to fill in, that is the question… Stars by Lonnie at Vill’s Tattoos and Piercings in Milton, FL.

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51 thoughts on “23 stars… Black or Color?

  1. im a first poster 4 life. lol. nah, really. wow. love these. the placing is so nice. following those lines and the flow. i think its nice filled in too. good work. cant wait to get mine done.

  2. black and white, but thats just coz i couldnt ever get a color tattoo coz im sad and would worry it wouldnt go with things im wearing. far too vain, i know

  3. Oooooh, I like that! Definitely colour, the pastels are nice, don’t often see pastel colours being used.

  4. I like the color, it’s so pretty, and looks so much more finished. I’m kind of nurotic, and it makes me think of a blank coloring book without the color…which makes me want to attack it with markers. And the placement’s great on it, works so well with her body.

  5. I’d go no color. I’m the kind of dork that would have fun filling in the color, maybe slapping on some body glitter, for various moods or events, matching them with clothes etc. But that’s just cuz I have a hard time making up my mind on things like color. It looks nice both ways pictured.

  6. i agree with 26! it’d be fun to get no color, and then fill in the stars with different colors of body paint or glitter to match your mood. it would be like a chameleon tattoo.

  7. I like the color because it gives it a very unique air, yet there is just something so classic about blackwork tattoos. hrmm, I’m torn here!

  8. 1)i like the idea of using body glimmer or paint for bodies for her mood/clothing options

    and then i’d say…

    2)sexy: go for black and white
    cute: go with the color

    3) side boobs ARE hot

    4) cute underwear.

  9. no color. i like the idea of filling it in with a marker when wanted, but i think no color is hotter.

  10. hehe I would make myself a living colouring book too.

    not a bad idea.

    Look pretty though, wonder if the colours will fade much.

  11. Is 23 a blessing or a curse? 2 divided by 3 is .666, the number of the devil.

    I’d go with no color.

  12. I think its kindof pointless, as unless Shannon has been playing with photoshop again, she’s already had them colored in?

  13. It’s be easier to decide if the left pic wasn’t a B&W. (I prefer that pic, because I’m growing more and more fond of B&W photography.) I’d probably vote to leave the stars B&W.

  14. Nathan: it looks like she coloured them in with markers.

    As for my opinion, I like the colours better personally. But I’m a raver at heart, and the colour makes this the ultimate rave tattoo.

  15. Don’t color them in! I think it would be fun to color them in with markers all the time, hah.

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