20 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Performance

  1. that’s like those sausage-on-a-stick things you can get at renaissance faires.

  2. Is this the same couple from the “white trash/trailer park” photo? (that I think (hope) was a joke)

  3. I like the X on her arm. I almost couldn’t find the Modblog logo 🙂

  4. Looks like the sort of thing I should watch live.
    Neato… but then, I am a bit of a sadist.

    And on another note, pregnancy suits her, she looks beautiful and radiant.

  5. hi
    thanx for the nice thinks about us
    this is my performance THE SEWING MACHINE
    I like to sew, so why don’t sewing my friends and my boyfriend 🙂
    more pics to come
    p.s yes we are the withe trash couple

  6. I don’t get what needles through the genitals have to do with pregnancy …

  7. When I look at the second frame, all I can think is
    “one, two, three, switch.”

  8. lovely lovely couple!!!

    besotes queridos Kola y Kiki

    they make nice performance, if u can see the Freak Bloody Treak dvd its so good.

  9. There’s a story about the “Sewing Machine” on Eunuch Archives that pretty good.

  10. Genital torture is extremely pleasant to view. Nice. Hope you enjoy and will do some similar again.

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