Big Teflon Ear Spools

Skip sends in these pictures of Steve’s great looking 65mm and 75mm spools. As well as the plugs, I’m not normally a fan of tattooed eyebrows because they often “force” a mood, but I think Steve’s look quite nice.

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33 thoughts on “Big Teflon Ear Spools

  1. I tend not to like tattooed eyebrows either, but I definately make an exception here.

  2. this is nice once again im against the whole eyebrow thing but this does look good, and the modblog logo on the brick wall looks like it should be there. rather sad comment i know

  3. i totally thought the modblog logo was some sticker or something he put on that wall when i first noticed it

  4. i want tattooed eyebrows so bad
    maybe someday i will make the leap
    not in the next decade i’d say though

  5. Is it just me, or does he look like a much hotter (and modified) version of Josh Hartnett?

  6. I LOVE those eyebrows. I usually think they’re tacky, but they give him such a relaxed, gentle expression. He definitely thought them through for the rest of his life. Very nice.

    All his mods suit him well. So does the hair. Adorable and tasteful.

    Oh yeah…the jewelry’s cool too.

  7. Methinks I need to get in contact with this “karl” I need a pair of these magnificent spools.

  8. nice eyebrows, i know those from somewhere. look like a copy of somebody elses with a different curve to them.

  9. iol- they are reminiscent of Lukas Zpira’s eyebrows, but definetly not exact copies.

  10. I really don’t understand how one can say that a dashed line is a copy of anything, because that is essentially what his eyebrows are, a tapered dashed line.

  11. josh hartnett? ya reckon? golly. haha eyebrows tattooing is awesome…if you wanna go for it…do it. haha…thats me up there btw.

  12. this is possibly the biggest lobe in australia . and its attached to iam wake_up_screaming

  13. Oooh oooh, I see him every day! He works around the corner from where I live – how weird to see him here…
    I think this must be an old photo ’cause he has really stretched his nostrils now too.
    I once complemented him on his mods and he was really sweet so obviously a nice guy along with being very cute!

  14. lol. steve is a legend.
    props to all the krispy kreme pwnage last weekend.
    ear looks great in this shot.

  15. Haahah.
    I fucking love Steve.
    Sadly, his lobes are nowhere near their former glory now though..

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