36 thoughts on “KUNT

  1. Why cunt with a K? Some nice colourful work there but gettin Kunt (or cunt) tattooed on yourself is a bit passe.

  2. nice tattoos- but the look on her face… needs a bit more selfconfidence i think…

  3. I think she looks great. And I kinda like the K – it reminds of the dutch translation KUT, is also with a K…

  4. I like her tattoo of the “Operation” guy on her left forearm. It’s quite original, I think.

  5. She does have some really great work, and I love the bra and panties as well! (redundant repetative comment I know!)

  6. she looks terrified. i don’t like the tattoo, but that’s cause i hate things spelled wrong.

  7. I think her expression on her face is the best…its a mix between fear and anger…like she’s going to kill you or something with a spoon. Kick ass body too. A chick that actually has meat on her in ALL the right places…god, now i sound like a lezbian…oh well 😀

  8. her left sleeve cracks me up, I still play that game, love the pix too, would definitely like to see more.

  9. I think her tattoo’s suit her really well and although I’m not usually a fan of incorrect spellings (yeah it’s a hang up) I do like this tattoo. She does look nervous, bless her 🙂

  10. Is it just me, or does Giles seem to think everything is ‘a bit passe’?

  11. Not in the slightest.

    There are plenty of fantastic tattoos on modblog but writing KUNT across your stomach, having hot-dog stalls on your leg or fucking DVD codes on your chest is just plain awful.

    There are many inspiring, artistic and challenging pieces of tattoo work to be found.

  12. she stunning,i dont think shes nervous its just a pose and i think its cute.oh and i love the kunt tat!

  13. Her body and face are beautiful… But I’m not rockin’ the hair. I think that’s the only thing that ruins the picture.

    But seriously… Her body shape is fantastic.

  14. I love this photo; she’s totally awesome.
    And I also love how the people complaining about incorrect spelling have terrible punctuation!

  15. yeah. #18, i’d hit it too. and unlike #12 i’m a woman who isn’t afraid to love women. she’s hot, period. and, you know, i wear that same facial expression 24-7.

  16. i love her underwear! and her tattoos, of course. misspelled words would bug me all the time, but i’m sure it has some significance for her, or she preferred the way it looked.

  17. aww she looks kinda sad makes me want to hug her.
    I love some of her ink, looks great.

  18. Sideshow artist you said? Well, being in the biz myself, I’ve not seen or heard of her. I am unimpressed. Granted, I’m sure this is not her aim or mission or whatever. I’d like to see proof of alleged “sideshow art”.

  19. wooow, she looks so great, and she has a perfect body!
    i want to be a bit more like her^.^

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