In this case, it’s not about numbers

The most recent [public] world record play piercing attempt that I know of was 2,507 needles, so this scene with 2,235 25ga piercings is actually just below the “officially recognized” record. That said, in my opinion, the “real” world record still sits inside the SM world, probably with the Berkeley 5000. I’d love to see that one broken, and well documented…

Anyway, this particular set of very impressive megapiercings (two more photos: one, two) was done by Mistress Laura in Melbourne, Australia.

12 thoughts on “In this case, it’s not about numbers

  1. They’re not — the theory is that this type of placement is to some extent intended to make the process more intense because more nerve endings are directly stimulated.

  2. I’m always amazed by this kind of play/ritual. The Berkeley 5k in particular leaves me asking so many questions….

    But mainly, how many other supposed “world records” have been crushed through s&m, edgeplay, and general “underground” behaviour.

    I’ve googled, but that only lead me back to bme. If anyone knows any site(s) or generally has any interesting facts regarding the more recordbreaking side of the s&m scene, feel free to share.

    I should really buy a BME:hard membership….

  3. wow… I definitely thought those were keloids at first and I was like “Oh dear lord sweet baby jesus.”
    Regardless, those are incredibly fantastic. =)

  4. Anyone else bothered by her wearing a sanitary towel underneath see-through lace knickers? Not really very dignified.

    Other than that, pretty awesome. Much respect.

  5. hi shannon larratt could u mail me some info on the world record attempts as we are in the prosses of working on breaking the world record but not just the regognized ones.we wanna push the limmits and c what we are able to do to our body and mind..much thanks….. shawn bayview/ africa.[email protected]

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