She said yes!

Let’s hope that it wasn’t under duress, haha (emphasis: joking!!!!). I don’t know if I’d want to answer big questions suspended!

Justin (even “down on one knee”) proposed to Ashleigh during their double suicide suspension — her response… “Yes! I love you….. but i’m going to pass out now…” Assisted by Amy, Natalie, and Terry of Twisted Images in Louisville, KY (I wonder if they were as surprised as Ashleigh or if they were in on it?).

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31 thoughts on “She said yes!

  1. aww, thats sweet, but it just looks like shes shrugging, so i find it funny a bit. “will you marry me?” “hmmm……*shrugs*”


  2. Thats the coolest thing ever! I’m in agreement with number 11, a suspended wedding would be so cool, I think it would have to be a quick ceremony though

  3. I would die of happiness if anyone proposed to me in that way.
    Very original.
    Very romantic.
    I wish them the best of luck together! ^^

  4. whenever i read stories about people proposing, i get all mushy and then look up engagement rings and wedding dresses for hours and freak my boyfriend (IAM: Fergy) out to all hell.

  5. awww! That’ll be something to tell your kids/grandkids! How unique and adorable! And he even managed to “get down on one knee” ^^

  6. Wow, all I can say is wow. This has to be in the top 5 proposals in human history! Congrats to the newly engaged couple!!!!!

  7. Awwww congrats to the both of you.

    My sweetie and I might do a suspension after our wedding.

  8. I’d say the chances are good the people helping with the suspension might have had a clue, from the knee.

  9. At first I was going to make a catty remark about how “excited” she looked, then I read her response…

    Sorry about my thoughts-good luck you crazy kids!

  10. Grr, that was totally my plan.
    All I had to do was meet the girl and buy the ring. And find a suspension team. And work up the nerve to suspend.
    But dammit, that was totally my plan.

  11. awwww i want to be proposed to in a mod-related way
    what a great guy to do that! haha and i love her response!

  12. I was proposed to in the normal way *sigh* Hey, let’s do it again!
    I agree that it looks like she’s shrugging “Honey, will you marry me?” “Meh”

  13. and suddenly there was a question and two people hanging in the air…

  14. wow, i was just messing around tonight and ran across these pics. i didnt know you posted them up on here.

    I’m justin the guy in the shots.

    Amy and natalie were in on it from the begining and worked very hard to make sure the day was everything i wanted it to be.

    just to add a little bit to the story, Terry James, who helped with the suspension is actually ashleigh’s ex! She and i got together VERY shortly after they broke up. It was REALLY grown up of him to OFFER to help me with this. He had the experiance to make sure that we were doing this safely. He actually wiped the sweat off my face as i was asking her!!!

    and as a side note, there will be no suspension wedding, It will be @ YEW DELL GARDEN in Crestwood, Kentucky on 08-08-2008.

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