Now those are some pink nipples!

A little while back I posted some pink nipple tattoos on an M2F transsexual. Kristen has pink nipple tattoos as well that are a bit more obvious so I thought I’d add them here also — the scarring is from nipple rings she removed.

PS. Click here for a really nice shot from that same photosession (it’s not the main photo because it doesn’t show the nipple tattoos).

28 thoughts on “Now those are some pink nipples!

  1. The other pic you posted a while back looked more natural. This pic is like full on pink

  2. I quite like the idea of it looking completely fake, kinda turns her into a doll, in a good way.

  3. Laura – Yes, I think they were trying to achieve very different effects; the linked one is more of a cosmetic/corrective procedure, whereas this one is more decorative…

  4. I really like the second picture…I wonder where that was taken, it looks like a beautiful place.

  5. i like how the pink nipples on the transsexual (a nice soft dusky pink) ended up looking more natural than the pink nipples (PINK!) on this woman. somethings a little backwards there, but it works. now, if these blazingly pink nips were maybe in a cute star pattern, a la IAM: karolzinha, then i’d really like them

  6. mmmm…. lovely. a beautiful woman, a beautiful snake, a beautiful shoot location. now THIS is something i like waking up to. ^_^

  7. It’s me in the picture- I asked for raspberry nipples. It is simply an aesthetic tattoo. I like how well it goes with my pale skin. I saw some photos from David Lachapelle long ago with a girl who had something similar and loved it. The photos were taken on my university’s campus early in the morning and hiding in the woods.
    and no, they don’t glow. =)

  8. I don’t really like the way they look – and not because they don’t look natural, but because her natural nipples are bigger than the tattooed ones and it shows.

  9. as for the size issue- we made them match on each side, so there was some minor shifts in where my natural aureole was and where the tattoo began. I wanted them to be as close to perfect symmetrically rather than close to perfect naturally.
    Plus, unless you are this close, no one sees it.

  10. I’m more and more in love with the idea of having my nipples tattooed, but I think they’d have to sedate me for me to be able to handle the pain once they got to the actual nip tips. I like it. How long did that take?

  11. Time- about an hour- most of the time was spent trying to get the shape right and attempting to cover nipple piercing scars. It hurt like nothing else ever has. My toes were twitching and my hands kept going numb. It was absolutely surreal. I’ve had them touched up twice as well, and it always hurts a ton.

  12. Shannon-I didn’t mean to insult her if I did >.> I was just commenting.

  13. I really love how this turned out. I’ve been thinking of tattooing my nipples as well. What happened to the piercings that led them to become scarred?

  14. very intense love it- especially how u say the “Rasberry: colour, must have hurt.
    they look great

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