Now that’s a spicy pepper

It’s actually a note-to-self warning: If you’ve been cooking with chili peppers, always, always, wash your hands before touching yourself.

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20 thoughts on “Now that’s a spicy pepper

  1. I once made the mistake of putting icy-hot gel on my thighs. That worked its way up to my cash-n-prizes…I can only imagine the burning pain that would come from hot pepper juices.

  2. i once ate insanity wings so hot you needed to be 18 and sign a waiver to order them, then accidentally scratched my dick with reminisce of it on my fingers…NOT FUN. i had to dip it in a glass of milk for 45 minutes to stop the burn. hahahahaha

  3. It’s not much fun when you realise that you didn’t wash your hands properly and got some on the toilet paper either….

  4. Alternatively, /don’t/ wash your hands ahead of time. Seriously, it’s awesome. :)

  5. Hah, thank god for the wonderful properties of mucus membranes.

    People have been getting great mileage out of mild pepper oils for millenia. Of course, it presumably takes a sterner sort of folk to use a fully potent pepper oil.

  6. I know went hot pepper juices on fingers like!not fuckin fun at all I wented to kill him,it was so hot!But that looks like it would fill good!

  7. ”If you’ve been cooking with chili peppers, always, always, wash your hands before touching yourself.”
    Haha, I knew a guy who messed up the last part.
    Chopped chilies, went to the bathroom, sat with his dick in buttermilk for two hours :P

  8. the cooks at the restaurant i work at convinced the dishwasher that if he massaged his cock with peppers, it would grow. he tried it a few moments later in the washroom, without telling anyone. it was pretty obvious from how he carried himself for the rest of the night what he had done, though. poor boy…

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