Dizzy – The Egg Suspension

Bastian sent in this video of Zera‘s knee suspension..

DivX download link for BME members: Extreme2 or Full members

Note – We’ve finally decided how to handle the videos on ModBlog. The Flash movie above can be viewed by anyone for free, but if you’d like to download the higher quality DivX version you’ll need a BME membership (free or paid, full or extreme2) to do so.

15 thoughts on “Dizzy – The Egg Suspension

  1. yeah, too bad that isn’t in there but that´s easily explained: Holding the rope and filming are kind of mutually exclusive things to do simultaneously…
    Great music choice, Mr. Crumbs!

  2. oh, and, @ Roo: I think the new video handling is a good idea! But if you’d want people to sign up to BME for the higher quality, you should direct them to the correct page – your link is sporting one “_” too many ;)

  3. Great video. He looks to be enjoying himself a lot. I like when he pulled himself up and just kind of held himself in the fedal position :]

  4. Great video. And know I know what song that crazy lady on the train was singing that wint’ry night.

  5. I’m amused that I’m not the only person who thinks their camera will right itself when you turn it.
    Nice job, sugar.

  6. jeah. was a great day. and one of the best days in my shop..
    hope to see you all next month. and we hanging again..

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