21 thoughts on “The lobe piercings match…

  1. Is that a damaged ear? I can’t imagine how an injury could cause that. It looks like the guy was born that way.

  2. He might have been burned or was in a car crash, it can be so many possibilities. but the piercings look good. It may be my eyes but those look bigger than 12′s.

  3. It looks like something that happened in an accident, if you look, you can see scarring around the back of his head that matches the scar tissue around what’s left of his ear. Either way, the piercings look really nice.

  4. looks like something banged into the side of his head really bad, and crushed some stuff… im just guessing though cause of the scar tissue that i can see. I think the piercings look bigger.. i’d guess around a 10g ish

  5. I think it’s awesome that instead of hiding the disfigurement he chooses to be himself.

    She did a good job it looks beautiful.

  6. I think it looks like 12g, in fact I just looked in the mirror and my 12g CBRs look exactly like that.
    And I agree with 7. It’s great.

  7. He was hit and dragged by a car as a toddler and had to have ribs removed and put in his skull. He’s a really neat guy. I don’t know if you guys remember the smeared nipple guy, but that’s actually his brother and totally unrelated accidents. They’re 12g. He has pretty small ears. You can barely tell when he wears a hat. Thank you guys.

  8. All I noticed what the shiny rings too.
    I bet they’re symetrical from the front aren’t they?

  9. People taking something “bad” with their bodies and doing something wonderful with it is what makes me proud to be modded in some form. They look great! 🙂

  10. Hmm… What’re lobe rings? Haha.

    I really like it, piercings in spite of whatever happened. Right on brother!

  11. I have a pretty bad case of CMT(charcot marie tooth), no it has nothing to do with my teeth. for more info: http://www.charcot-marie-tooth.org

    Anyways, i just had my leg tattooed, and it was pretty painful because of my cmt. It was quite an experience, involuntary twitching, and delayed pain where the biggest “whoa”s.

    The delayed pain with the tattoo was intense. i felt the needles going into me without the pain at first. very weird to say the least.

  12. I would love to see a view from the front. What I can see of his face is intriguing!

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