Tibetan Script Tattoo (yes, and sideboob too, pervos)

XXXXXXX (removed) — who as of this writing is single but won’t be for long after it — nice new tattoo (“this isn’t kanji!”) by John Webb at Everlasting Impressions in Evansville, IN.

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69 thoughts on “Tibetan Script Tattoo (yes, and sideboob too, pervos)

  1. I’m usually not a fan of big boobs…but hers I like :D hmm, does that make me a lezbian for saying that? ;] interesting tattoo, looks painted on

  2. that’s not just side boob. that’s boob. and nipple.

    hi nipple!

    (what does the script say?)

  3. Oh wickedgame6, that is not a big boob. A very nice boob, and a very nice sized boob, maybe a big boob to you and maybe it even looks big on her bit it is not what, as a general rule, would be called a big boob.

    As for the ink, it accents the beauty of the boob wonderfully.

  4. Yeah I agree, not a big boob. Big boobs aren’t perky like that haha. It is an adorable boob however. And a really nice tattoo.

  5. haha, sorry emily that you don’t consider it a big boob…but i mean, look at my pictures and you’ll understand why i consider her boobs big…because to me…they are :] decent sized full B I’ll assume. There nice and perky too :D

  6. wait…does that make your rib cage pandora’s box?

    amazing tattoo, and i won’t comment on the boob :-)

  7. Coming from somebody who has DD sized breasts, that is not a very large breast at all… but it is a very nicely shaped one.

  8. Smoking hot, nice ink and lovely side boob (of ample size, if I may say).

  9. the tattoo looks painted on, some of the redness around it (as i assume it’s fresh) is obscuring my vision though. i’d like to see it healed up.

  10. awesome tattoo, it suits where it’s placed, and i don’t usually like scripture tattoos as i think they’re kinda tacky.

    what does it mean?

  11. It makes one wonder what the statistics for IAM members successfully hooking up is.

  12. nice tattoo. not so nice boobie. it looks fake (not saying it is or anything, just looks it).

    i likes ‘em small. yum.

  13. As an expert on titties, it is my professional opinion that what we are seeing, although a magnificent specimen of the phylum Boobius is not a “BIGimus Boobius” but its distant cousin “Average-sized Boobius”.

  14. Nice tattoo =)

    To the others: Yes, her boobs are not larger than probably a B. Why? Because as someone else stated, anything larger starts to sag.

    Also, they look larger because she’s so skinny.

  15. Big boob, small girl. Keep in mind a 30D will look a lot smaller than a 38D because whilst the boobs are the same distance from the body the 38 will have a wider base. And I’m guessing youth accounts for the lack of sag, my 32Ds were that perky once!

    Astounding boob, mint ink, well done girl!

  16. I disagree. A 30DD is a bust line that is five inches bigger than the underbust, and on a small girl. Each letter jump = a one inch increase in bust size.

    I have to explain bra sizing like 20 times a day.
    (Fredericks mail order employee)

    In person, from the front, it may look smaller, than a thicker girl, say 40DD. But the contrast between that tiny girl, and huge boob, makes it look that much bigger. (to me, anyway)

  17. I have to say it as well.
    Nice looking ink, too. Suits her well.

  18. Who cares if her tits are ‘big’ or ‘small’ or anything else! We’re looking at the tattoo!! (and maybe the nipple piercing, too) I agree that the tattoo is well done. Here’s to hoping mine turns out as well!

  19. Sasssix, what tattoo? I see a gorgious boob… *keeps on looking* Great stomach…. Oops, I keep getting distracted by the boob. Where is the tattoo?!?!?! OOOOOOh, there it is! Nice tatto;)

  20. Oh, yeah, big small, whatever. The girl is fucking gorgeous. The tattoo is very complimentary as well.

    Forgive my disgruntled lingerie salesman rant.

  21. see if she would have just been asked it would have been said instead of all these guesses and speculating if it is big or small and anything inbetween. i saw put a pic up with her face in it and that will steal so much more of this attention her breast is getting…..unless tits is all you people care about.

  22. Just want to say.. Just bc you have large (real) boobs… doesn’t mean they will sag… Mine are very large, real, don’t sag and are very nice if i do say so myself.. yay me.

  23. Oh and i forgot to add i love the tattoo.. very interesting… looks beautiful

  24. such a big booby for such a tiny girl! nice placement for the tattoo.. and the booby :)

  25. don’t wanna be another douche bag, your tat looks real nice, i like anything that’s not kanji even though i’ve got some (it’s getting removed)

  26. Hi im looking for someone to translate the a couple of words for me for a tattoo….


    I would really appreciate it

    thanks a million

  27. Can anyone tell me what is that style of tattooing? I’ve seen people with similiar tattoos that have brush strokes similiar to Japanese calligraphy. Any info or help would be appreciated?

  28. Yeah okay enough about her boobs, i just want to know where i can get english translated to Tibetan Tsugring, Uchen or Drucha script. I am wanting it for my new tattoo. Any help would be greatly appreciated =) cheers.

  29. Right Click

    Save Picture As…



    Seriously though, we all know its a nice boob. We can see. Perky, nicely sized (whether you call it large or not), nice piercing, skinny girl. But really…The focus should be on the ink.
    Beautifully done. Well placed. Nice meaning. All in all, I’d give it a 10.

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