Donna from the UK shot this nice self portrait including her nine-year old tattoo (“a lot of people have thought I was a bean or a rock at first glance; that makes me chuckle!”) — she works as a mortgage advisor and writes, “you can’t judge someone by the clothes that they wear!”

PS. She also asks — “if anyone can recommend any really good tattoo artists/piercers in the north of England (round Manchester way!) i would be very grateful!” If you have a recommendation, feel free to post it in the comments.

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37 thoughts on “Curled

  1. That’s gorgeous. Beautiful texture of the feathers – and it contrasts nicely with the skin of her back.

    (And the tattoo-artist reccommendation: anyone know of any in the North East [middlesbrough area]? The artist I was booked in with is moving away! Looking for delicate greyscale work.)

  2. beautiful!and the comment so’s all ways the people
    you least expect hiding mods under their clothes.

  3. A good artist in manchester is Laurence, of Red Sea Tattoo… He did all my work and I love it!

  4. what a beautiful photo! the detail on the wings is great, it looks like it has aged wonderfully.

  5. at number 14: hahahaha i TOTALLY see that now!

    but great photo and nice tattoo!

  6. I heard that laurence sucks, as in he is only good at a few styles, can’t draw straight lines, and is terrible at shading. His portfolio online is also pretty bad… nothing in there really grabs me as demonstrating any particular tattooing skills. One of my friends from uni went there to get some stars on her back recently… and whilst they are “alright”, it’s not the sort of place to go if you want something amazing, like those wings.

    Louis Malloy, in middleton, is amazing (don’t be put off by the fact that he does David Beckhams tattoos) Oh the hours I have spent drooling over his portfolio, wishing that I had loads of money! He does have a massive waiting list of like.. a year, or something, but I’m sure it is worth the wait.

    also, as everyone says – holier than thou for piercing/branding/cutting/etc. That place is seriously the cleanest and most reasonabley priced studio I have ever seen.

  7. C – Point of trivia about Louis Malloy — he’s sent me (as in BME) threatening letters about tattoos that he think resemble tattoos he’s done on Beckham. It’s ridiculous.

  8. Holier Than Thou is the place to go for piercings!
    And for tattoos, Either Thou-Art (though it’s in Sheffield) or Tattoo Studio 81.

    Amazing photo.

  9. If you don’t mind going to Liverpool (it’s only about an hour away), I definately recommend Bodyworks2 in Liverpool. And they’re planning on starting doing dermal anchor soon, which I’m verrry excited about! They’re guinea pig-ing on each other at the minute, apparently.

  10. Steve Byrne at In Name and Blood, Leeds. Or there’s some nice stuff at Modern Body Art, Birmingham. I hope *cross fingers* to go to Steve for my first tattoo!

  11. That’s a real cool picture. For tattoos I recommend my tattooist Danny at Studio 81 in Manchester and for piercings Carl at In2Skin, which is just under Studio 81 :]

  12. Oh yeah, I also went to Laurence to get my tattoo done and his reply to my idea was “That’s not worthy.”


  13. #25 – If Bodyworks2 is the studio in the new Quiggins (the barcelona bar building) then I’d have to disagree (and run away) after I went through this

  14. 16-i think your back sticks out rather than going in like mine, is because i’m a chubby chick and theres a bit more fat than there is with yours. but yours is a gorgeous photo!

  15. thank you to everyone who left lovely comments! i’ve never had anyone think i was a huge willy before, i’m quite impressed!! will definately be checking out those artists and piercers, cheers for the recommendations

    and how shocked was i to see my fat arse on here this morning? thanks shannon, its much appreciated!

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