What time is it?

Pretty_pantyhead in the midst of getting tattooed by Scott Campell at Atomic Zombie in Edmonton, Alberta… Freshly baked?

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31 thoughts on “What time is it?

  1. AHHHHHAHAHA I told her this would make mod blog!
    it was done on 420……
    oh al

  2. man i was just talking about how tasty cupcakes are today… tasty lookin’ girlie there too!

  3. awesome, i wish i had an eye-patched tattooist friend.

    nice tattoo as well ^_^ and cute cheek piercings.

  4. My first tattoo was done by a guy in the UK called Rob, he had a glass eye.. the tattoo turned out pretty good. Even so, I still ask myself what the hell was I thinking… :)

  5. Yahoo for cupcake tattoos!!!! I have one, and I think everyone should.
    I’m in the process of a candy/junk food rib piece (well… beginning stages, anyways). So far I have a cupcake, and some swedish fish. I’m getting a pez dispenser and gumdrops next!! I love candy, and I love this girl because she’s awesome and so are cupcakes.

  6. next week 2 friends and I are getting a cupcake on our ankles as a going-away-tatttoo. People ask why…and I say “Well who doesn’t love a cupcake??!”…i think they should each be a different holiday theme.

  7. I was all “YESSS delicious cupcakes!” until I realized “booo smelly potheads”

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