Pubic Corset (and an appendectomy piercing?)

This alternative to a bathing suit (well, in my fantasy world anyway where clothing is replaced by at most skewered fragments of fabric) was pierced by Naomi Boscoe at Flesh Impressions in Broadbeach, Gold Coast, QLD, Australia. The corset is three days old in this picture and the hip piercing is fresh.

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30 thoughts on “Pubic Corset (and an appendectomy piercing?)

  1. Damn, brnout beat me to it.

    Yeah, an appendix scar would be on the other side and only just above the top of the corset rings — my scar is only just above the top of my pubic hair and much closer to the centre of my torso; it would probably overlap the top left ring.

  2. I think its just a generic hip surace peircing…
    as everyone has said the appendectomy scar is usualy much lower and on the other side.

    besides that, Her pubic corset is awsome

  3. i’m guessing (hoping) it’s a temporary thing, because those rings look pretty pissed and CBR’s will not last in a surface piercing in that area of the body.

  4. and i guess i was the first person to see if i could click on the pick for a better view. i knew there wouldn’t be but i had to try.

  5. I love the scars on her belly very intresting.I think big scars that don’t become extremely obvious are just beautyfull.Makes me wonder if they were intentional or not.

  6. that looks very pretty, but i’m thinking that wearing pants would make the rings very pissed off. unlike a back or side corset, it’s not an easy area to keep clothes off of and still remain decent. and of course it’s temporary…

  7. That corset’s looking pretty rough. Hope she doesn’t intend to keep it long-term.

  8. I think it’s lovely. It may not be viable long-term, but it looks good for the short time she will have it.

  9. Whether she hopes to keep it or not seems pretty irrelevant. I don’t see it lasting…Shame as it’s awfully pretty.

  10. the human appendix is on the right side, next to the ascending colon and cecum.

  11. i think tha it is a very beutiful idea looks very good but like everyone said those rings are not happy

  12. Seems like it would be VERY uncomfortable under pants. I don’t think I could have gone three days.

  13. Thanks to everyone who posted a comment about my corset… It didnt stay in that long… Only 7 months… Im planing to have it done again in the near future.. And my scars, are from when I was born.. I was born 4 and a half months early.. Love Emilia xxx

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  15. OMG nasty thats sick why would you do that theree
    OMG lol

    i meani like them adn all just Not there lol

    but i like theother piercing =]

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