52 thoughts on “Intense DIY

  1. Ok, so he removed his own tumor? Or am I sort of reading the text wrong? Is it a metaphor for something?
    If it was a tumor, I do hope it wasn’t malignant, and it looks like a nice clean removal…
    I don’t know if I could be that steady with a knife around my penis… then again, I don’t have a penis…

  2. whatever it is.. in all seriousness..
    yay for him letting it get that big.

    what an experiment!

  3. Woh, that’s some heavy shit!

    It looks like a nut to me, so I would guess testicular cancer now that “tumor” is involved.

  4. It’s a testicle guys, not a cancerous tumor. You should turn on your Shannon Snark detector. 😉

  5. That man has some balls to do that….oooooor, he’s missing one now…haha.

  6. i cant figure out what that is from this picture… from clicking through to the other picture it looks like a second stump of a dick protruding from the base of the real one. but aside from that, i like the glossy glowy look of the first picture– the red of the blood and the shine of the wet tumor is beautiful in a way.

  7. i think its a little goofy that he decided to place it on his chest for the picture :p

    very interesting though.. took me a second to think and say ‘oh thats whats going on!’

  8. Is this.. legal? or safe? [I mean-duh, I know its not +safe+– but I mean, if he would have had a slip up, whould he have died, or went into shock or something?]

  9. Assuming he is okay and is happy with it then good for him.
    In any case ow! and no.
    (The boys huddle together for protection)

  10. I’m a very mod-positive person, but I wonder if self-castration is more mental illness than body modification.

  11. Shannon, is it a testicle, or a tumor that was growing along side the testicle?

    I ask because the “tumor” picture looks different than the testicle shown in the click-through.

    Either way… my balls hurt looking at that. *sick* 🙁

  12. I always get pretty bugged by people doing self-castration. I lost a nut a few years ago after I got sick and I wish that could be reversed. Then I see dudes do stuff like this and I’m just like “Buh?!”

  13. I think this is pretty damned hardcore, and good on him for having the strength of will to go through with it! It’s not a little procedure, and it certainly requires a lot of bravery.

  14. ngggh. definitely another case of regretting that i’ve clicked through.

  15. first glance at the picture i thought it was a sick bloody chest lump… i’m glad it’s not.

  16. Not a nice click-through, but I really like his chest 🙂 DIY all the way 🙂

  17. I don’t think that’s a tumor. Cutting into a tumor wrong and/or leaving pieces can spread disease or so I’ve heard.
    Looks like:

    A, Bloody fig
    B, Testicle

    I’m voting testicle.

  18. Does anyone else think it resembles a chicken heart? Haha.
    Maybe that’s why he put it on his chest to photograph?

  19. Some men seek castration believe it or not. The “Eunuch Archives” are full of American men who have been castrated because they wanted to be castrated. Reasons vary, but most on the “Eunuch Archives” state that they were out of control sexually, transgendered, or wanted relief from the effects of testosterone. Most of these Eunuchs will answer you if you write them.

  20. it’s not a chicken heart! I would say, it is the cock heart – one of his two! But he can live gould with one heart. the whole man has only one heart also! But it have to be an excitng act to pull out his own ball and make a snip!!!
    But i would prefer with a longer cord rest for a good hanging up my nut. My wife would say: ok, thats good for you, you are less crazy with less nuts!

  21. brrrr……..thats just….its so……brrrr…i mean…sheeze?
    what is that thing?

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