King of the Swingers

We’ve had a Queen of the Swingers, now it’s time for the boys (in the shape of Adrian Spillman).

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15 thoughts on “King of the Swingers

  1. The more of these suspension videos (and pictures) I see, the more intrigued I am getting… does anyone know the best way I could get into it? Even just to be present for the suspension of someone else so I could properly make up my mind. Awesome video, by the way :]

  2. yeaahhhh columbus.

    i remember seeing him doing a suspension show at the old piercology, kicking himself off the walls and whatnot. this looks a little more comfortable than that did…but maybe the outside setting just makes it seem that way.

  3. that’s emmense.

    also wondering how i would get to be present at one of these things.

    i imagine these happenings are not as “regular” in the UK though… rawr.

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