29 thoughts on “Ear Pointing before and after

  1. I really like the modblog.bmezine.com placement in this post!

    They ear is not without it’s charms.

  2. The pointing on this one looks especially clean! I’m sure we won’t be able to judge fully until it’s healed, but it looks like this pointing will be particularily nice and scar free when it’s done!

  3. that ear looks so perfectly suited to being pointed. so much to work with.

  4. Usually I don’t even like ear pointing, but this particular one I think looks better than the original ear. cool. 🙂

  5. OK, so THAT is how I want my ears to look. Like, right now.

    Freaking AWESOME pointing process! How does the other ear look, for symmetry, I wonder 🙂

  6. bueno, espero que en verdad les gusten , gracias por los comentarios , pronto pondre las fotos del proceso completo para que lo vean !!

  7. Awesome. He could have the face of Sloth and still be hot with ears like that. Well done.

  8. I really like ear pointing, but we always only get to see the ears. I would like to see more of how the mod works with the subject’s face.

  9. this is one if the nicest pointings ive ever seen so far, definitely not that “folded-in-and-sewn-together” look, it looks like its really meant to be that way- great job on that, looking forward to seeing that one healed!

  10. I want vulcan ears! They look so perfect, I’m so jealous of them! So much nicer than the elf ears I’ve seen.

    Live long and prosper!

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