World Map Bcakpiece

Martin says, “with this map, I’ll never get lost” — but I’ll remind him that it’s hard to read a map when it’s on your back! Tattoo by Pandy at Future Skin in Ottawa, Canada.

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64 thoughts on “World Map Bcakpiece

  1. I would put a star on home if I got a piece like that. But that’s just me. He’s free to do with it what he wants, lol.

  2. Sweet! This reminds me of The Curse of Monkey Island, where you have to put frying oil on this suntanning dude’s back to get the tattoo of a map off his back (you then peel off the tat haha).

  3. I just got extremely confused for a minute then because I always assume that Australia is on the far right and therefore America on the left when looking at a world map.
    Really nice idea for a tattoo though.

  4. This tattoo seems very familiar, haven’t i already seen it on modblog or somewhere?

  5. I actually quite like that it isn’t the Euro-North American version of the world map — where Europe is shown to be deceptively in the centre of the whole world.

  6. Wow, I need this. It basically defines my life.

    I agree with #12. It’s kind of cool that it’s “backwards” like this, that is with Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia on the left and North/South America on the right.

  7. Shannon – sheesh, i meant a saw a similar tattoo on another guy’s back sometime in the past. And i’m not talking about balls.

  8. Grps is right. this has been posted before. not to slight it’s loveliness or anything, but the snark was a bit much considering the statemenet is correct. it HAS been posted before.

  9. Great choice for the shoulders! The focus on the Atlantic is nice, but I’d like to have seen an equal-area projection.

  10. The tattoo fits really well across his shoulders – I don’t think I’ve sen a tattoo like it before, but I love it =)

  11. america on the far right europe on the left. political statement?

    seems really weird to me to see the world split at the atlantic insted of the pacific. it takes me a while to work out where everything is.

    but its a cool idea. would like to see it coloured though.

  12. Being that the world is a GLOBE there is no right or wrong way for it to be positioned. I don’t get all the comments about it being backwards. It’s a sphere; it can’t be “backwards”.

  13. Jen @ 23 – I think you’re right. At least, that’s the tat my brain flashed on when I saw this one.

    Love this one just as much as the other. Brilliant! Love the “reverse” order placement of the continents too.

  14. Nice! Personally I’m hoping he just leaves it as an outline since the lines are so crisp.

  15. lol it took 28 people before the typo was pointed out. unless it;s some kind of clever pun spelling it in a different order because the map is in a different order to what we’re used to… maybe i’m reading into that too much

  16. I love this tattoo. Easily one of the best I’ve seen on this site. Color it, don’t color it, it’s all good.

  17. I’d tattoo little pins and post-it notes over the places I’d visited. ;)

  18. Oddly enough, I think the world looks more balanced in this configuration (Africa and Europe on the right, the Americas on the left).

    Amazing tattoo. Simple concept, brilliant execution. Something about the thickness of the outline is so appealing to me.

  19. Ooh, I’ve wanted a world map tattoo like that one for a while. Nicely done.

  20. I’m from NZ and that’s the way our maps look! Though sometimes our country goes missing down the part where the two pages join…

  21. Perhaps the placement of Africa/Sth America is such that it makes and even coverage of shoulder blades… and aesthetics, not politics.
    I like it alot, it kinda reminds me of skin peeling off someones back when they get sunburnt.

  22. It would seem that being used to seeing North America in the middle of every map has created a kind of ethnocentrism amongst us. There is no “backwards” or “reverse” order of the continents. If you look on maps and atlases that are from almost anywhere in the world that isn’t North America, you’ll see it laid out like that. Personally, I think that it makes a lot more sense to do it that way, so that you don’t end up with a piece of Russia split off every time like it’s always shown in our maps.

  23. I love how it didn’t even occur to me that the map was somehow off because it wasn’t your typical depiction of the US=left side, Asia=right side. I’d love to blame it on being an anthropologist but I think I’m just not observant enough.

  24. i second .caitlin. thats just the way maps look in nz…i was getting confused by the people who said it looks backwards. i was just like…its the world, how is that confusing!

  25. if you’re from australia/new zealand/asia then that’s how maps look in books and whatnot. just like it’s focused on north america if you’re from that third section of the world and europe if from that section. hence i think #7 has a good point…

  26. I really like how this looks. I think I would like one for myself that looks like a puzzle with bright primary colors for all the countries.

  27. if I had that tattoo, I’d colour in all the countries that I’ve been in

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