New Ribs

I quite like the placement of these six 10ga rib surface piercings, but I worry they’ll be difficult healing. That said, her sub-clavical piercings (more about sub-clavical piercings) are a year old in this shot, so I’m sure she knows what she’s got herself into!

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21 thoughts on “New Ribs

  1. I had surface piercings in a similar spot and they would “rock out” whenever I pivotted my torso… and not in a good way.

  2. fuckin hell, women in oneonta need to take tips from women who look like this…i have such a crush on heavily modded women

  3. Kat rocks. She puts hooks in me for alot of flesh pulls, and just pierced my temples
    The jewelry is PTFE
    They’ve already come out :(
    Lily… Jen and her pierced them one night at the shop.
    Her subclavs are doing AWESOME though.

  4. Oh, I don’t even care about the ribs and subclavicles, double bridge piercings, mm, drool.

    And that navel ring looks pretty fanfuckingtastic.

  5. I love your ink,but I think I love your piercings more.Fuckin awesome so beautiful!!!

  6. They look awsome but I wonder if they’re comfortable or not…I would think not, especially if you were to move around a lot.

  7. It’s a shame they had to come out, but I would have guessed they would from the start. 10 Ga PTFE, especially that long and in that place, just isn’t built to last. I hope someday we can develop some method for nearly assured surface healing. It’s a shame though, I love the way surface work looks when it works with someone’s anatomy like that. They just really complimented her features. It also helps that she’s absolutely gorgeous aside from them.

  8. I stand corrected… I saw Kat yesterday and they are still very much in there and actually looking pretty happy!

  9. Oh wow! I love those ribs so much. :D I really hope they do heal and she gets to keep them long term. I really like the sub clavicles as well. I’ve always wanted them but, it’s the one piercing that scares me.

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