What is it with toilet shots?

You know, for a guy with some pretty “unusual” kinks, you’d think I would be more welcoming of toilet shots. But still, everyone else seems to love them, so anyway, you weirdos can fantasize about iam:Panties golden showers or whatever terrible nightmarish visions these photos bring you. I’ll keep my Australian fantasies of her in much more vanilla territory (which I’m sure is at least mildly amusing given my other interests)…

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36 thoughts on “What is it with toilet shots?

  1. It’s not so much the toliet that gets me… it’s the panties around the ankles.

  2. I love toilet shots, especially because its obvious that most toilet shots are staged and don’t actually involve any bathroom business. Though I’d also be just as pleased with regular chair shots. I guess I just like naked girls sitting down with their panties around their ankles.

  3. eh, i don’t even notice the toilet most of the time. i think as long as the straining and kerplunk sounds are not present, that most people (atleast i, anyway) only notice a hot naked modified chick.

  4. I saw this shot a few days ago and I KNEW it was going to get modblogged. I dont get the toilet photo concept though, its just a girl on a toilet. Well whatever.

  5. its that human moment. that just after sex, shameless and fearless, “im gonna do what i gotta do” moment. its hot because its real. granted not all of the shots are this moment. but thats it! thats the moment.

  6. haha, my myspace default is of me on the toilet…reading a mens razor magazine…but im totally clothed and still have a thong on :)

  7. Uhm, hmmm, hhhhhhrrrr.

    Hmmmm. This shot is hot.
    Especially because of:

    * Her
    * Her back
    * Her legs
    * Her shoes
    * Her position
    * Her panties
    * Her tattoo

  8. Panties could be squatting in a ditch shoving cereal up her nose and she’d still be hot. It’s just one of those facts of life.

  9. She’s definitely hot, there’s no contesting that one
    but I’m not a fan of toilet shots in general… hell i hate other people hearing me pee hahah.
    But, she’s gorgeous. ’nuff said.

  10. man, ive been avoiding the comments forum on this cos i just assumed (such a cynic!) that it would predominantly people whining about how theyre sick of seeing me on modblog, but so many nice comments! shame on me for thinking the worst!

    thank you lovely people :D

  11. I don’t understand the fetish. All I know is that you can’t beat a good shite.

  12. I think that the thought of a women on the toliet with her panties down means that her pussy is exposed is a very sexual thought especially if she is very attractive and if it might have a little hair on it

  13. The thought of a girl or women who is very attractive with her panties down sitting on the toliet puts thought in our head wheather that pussy is hairy or shaved and just the fact that her pussy is exposed is such a HUGE turnon

  14. wow. i was just sorting though these once again, and i saw this one again. and i just now realized that its the star card from the thoth deck…the deck i use. i was actually thinking about getting this on my back. weird…

    the star card is amazing. kudos to that chick for beating me to it :P

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