Lovely Spots

Wow!!!! I am a giant giant fan of the amazing forehead tattoo that .disturbed. recently had done by Juan Esparza at Wizard Tattoo in Beaumont, Texas. Wonderful stuff — so pretty!

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77 thoughts on “Lovely Spots

  1. Really really awesome.
    I love leopard print, this is the first completely realistic one I’ve seen.

  2. If I ever got a facial tattoo (which I know is a BIG decision) I hope mine would look this good. :-D

  3. Leopard helmet? Maybe it’s the angle of the pic or something but I really don’t like it.

  4. I’m mostly impressed, because this is NOT something that you see everyday in Beaumont, TX.

  5. Beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of lepord tattoos, and that’s the first that actually looks real. Compliments her face shape, too.

  6. id love to see this less cropped in. like a full face on view like we were looking at her speaking. i’m really interested in seeing what it looks like

  7. Petrolboy, that’s why it’s not your tattoo :P

    I love it. very realisitic, well done.

  8. Amazing, it’s so realistic. I love it.

    melsgam – do you have an IAM account? There’s more pictures there and they will probably be up on BME soon.

  9. I think it looks very, very nice and really suits her!
    HOwever, and I’m not trying to bait the flame but I’m honestly just curious (i’m a newbie) how in the world do you get a job to support yourself and/or your family with a face tattoo that large?

    I honest to god am just curious, please don’t yell at me!

  10. first time i saw this on her page i had to double check if it was bodypaint or not, it looks absolutely stunning, so incredibly beautiful.

  11. I love it better every time I see it. Great work, kudos to the artist as well.

  12. First leopard tattoo that actually sort of mimics the texture of the real cat’s fur.
    Others tend to have a nice pigment but lack that extra something that makes it seem tangible.

  13. that looks awesome.

    when i am older (and a lot braver) i want to get grey tabby markings rimming my hairline across my forehead and extending down to my cheekbones. i thought it would be a cute idea.

    so coming on here today and seeing this is really woah! :p

  14. no.zombies – or get really overqualified: it works! Remember, not all heavily tattooed people are kids like me, still students without “proper” jobs – once you’re established in your field you actually have a lot of freedom. It’d be comparatively easy to have a job with a lovely facial tattoo, it’d just be impossible to GET one.

    She’s so brave to change her face like that! I’m just glad her bravery has been paid off with a great tattoo.

  15. No voy a decir que es algo muy original porque no lo es, pero esta chica leopardo se ve bellisima!

  16. Spacy – check her IAM page. She just added to it last night! With the work around her eyes, it blends in even better.

    Shannon – please keep this updated with newer pictures on ModBlog. Work like this deserves it.

  17. wow she reminds me of a girl i went to college with…except that girl would never get that done

  18. i couldnt do it. i just cant mess with my face. Looks pretty sweet, but i dont think i could handle a tattoo like that.

  19. i think i just found a reason to renew my IAM account!
    i definitely want to see more pictures!

  20. It actually DOES look soft textured like fur. Not harsh…just natural like it’s supposed to be there. And obviously it is =)

  21. WOW!!!

    She looks amazing, I would definately talk to her if I saw her out.

    If you’re ever in Australia look me up hahaha.

  22. **I like to say wow. That is the tattoo I’ve been dreaming of doing for years, but was a big chicken! I’ve been dying to get a super realistic cat mask tattooed on me! I mean I have so dreamed about it since I was 15. All I have to say to Disturbed is congrats! It looks wonderful on you! I bet it is just spectacular fun to wear! I hope everyone treats you nice! Cause that took guts! It is beautiful beyond what I ever dreamed a well done cat face could look like! I am floored. Enjoy it, you truly do deserve it! Bet it is a total blast to look in the mirror and see it! Know of any other cats? Also PROPS to your artist! WOW! I really look forward to seeing it finished, as it seems it is your plan by the further work you are doing! You are my new HERO, your name may be Disturbed, but you are in no way disturbed. This was an amazing thing to do! I totally love it! WOW!

  23. Thank you for all the wonderful compliments!
    I am super happy with my face thus far, as far as I know it is the only one just like it in existence, and I’m sure Shannon could further verify whether or not that is so….:)
    My artist is amazing, and the work is far from done. I plan to extend down the face, more around eyes, nose and lips, and over my head and down my neck and back. Who know, I may do a full suit…I just haven’t decided if I want to dedicate my ENTIRE body to this just yet. I have to credit Juan Esparza for all of it, I had the idea for 5 years and it was brought to fruition because of his amazing art and ability…he’s truly a genius. It’s a great piece, and I’m proud to be a part of it…or rather, have it as part of me!

  24. I love that Tattoo ;-) It fit her really Good.


    Many Greetings from Germany to you. Hope to see you one Day for playing Fire and talk about Tattoos and Mods ;-)

    Bye bye to all from

    Mystic Fire

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