35 thoughts on “Self-Destruct

  1. i really like his eyelashes. theyre very long. and dark. and thick.

    i have to spend good money on mascara to get that =(

    and wheres the blood coming from?

  2. is the blood even real? it looks way too red/runny. (i took a basic fx make-up class so i’m pretty fond of fake bloods.) i could be wrong though.

  3. its a nice shot but im not really sure where the blood is coming from either

  4. I’d love to see this shot in black and white, with only the blood left in its nice vivid, red color…

  5. i think the blood’s from a cut on his forehead, if it was made when he was lying down then that’s why it ran both ways. i noticed the bling right after i saw the blood.

  6. the blood went everywhere because after I did the cutting I lied down and held the cuts open. oh and thanks for the kind words, folks. I should really write up an experience for this one, I guess there’s alot of emotional back story to it.

  7. the blood looks like…strawberry syrup (like the kind you make strawberry milk out of).

    hah. supercute anyway!

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