43 thoughts on “1COR13 (Love is important)

  1. I also love the green theme, gorgeous dress ^_^! They absolutely wonderful.

  2. I LOVE this fuckin great!!!Now that is the way to do it!!!and your hair is fuckin awesome!!!

  3. WOW. Just wow. Nothing on the internet has ever made me happier than that pic. The hair and the dress!

  4. thats the coolest thing ever…I wonder if anyone knows the length of the ceremony?

  5. awwww! so cute. and close to home. new orleans is only an hour and a half away. =)

  6. If my eyes aren’t deceiving me, he’s even got an enormous smiley face tattoo on his arm. How cute!

  7. THere is someone in this world for everyone who wants to be wanted. The evident joy on the faces on all involved is wonderful.

  8. what a gorgeous dress and matching mohawk. is it bad to want to know the brand? i love how seeing people married/suspended isnt the most noticeable thing to me anymore 😉

  9. Omg, I think they’re consummating the marriage in the last photo. O_O I also think it’ awesome the judge looks pretty laid back and chill about the whole thing.

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