Piercing has gone way too mainstream

I mean, even oranges are getting their navels pierced these days. I’m pretty sure that this orange isn’t 18 yet, so now I know where to get pierced in Edmonton if I’m underage — by Aaron Brink at Eye of the Lotus. Well, at least if I’m an underage orange… I doubt it applies to humans.

67 thoughts on “Piercing has gone way too mainstream

  1. My piercer has a picture of a Prince Albert in his portfolio… beside a picture of a King Edward Piercing…..It’s amazing how many people don’t get it

  2. this is the second time Aaron has used oranges for display purposes. does anyone else remember the wrinkly one?

  3. Wow that’s the funniest thing I’ve seen all day… I just can’t get over the fact that the placement looks so damn natural :D.

  4. haha!

    PS: WE DON’T SELL PLAYBOY BUNNY BARBELLS AT EYE OF LOTUS! (i found it in some drawer… and needed to put it somewhere 🙂 )

  5. Dude.

    That orange isn’t even a month old yet.

    Guy should get thrown in prison for piercing it… how is an orange that young capable of making good life decisions? He’s mutliating a minor!


  6. That orange couldn’t possibly have given consent.

    And I bet he made it pay in sexual favours.


  7. Andy, that’s a funny one…. cruelty to fruit.

    However, I have to say that it looks REALLY good! The placement looks perfect, its straight, it really FLOWS with the orange’s body! :D!

  8. i dont even wanna know what they did to the wrinkly one… but the navel orange deffinitely made my day.

  9. fruit piercing was finely performed by another iamer before who even had a gellery of different fruits pierced, not that i’m accusing anybody of plagiarism, it’s quite a natural wish to pierce fruits when you’re obsessed about this…

  10. hehe cute.

    wish I still lived up the block so I could drop in and see that in person.

  11. Vyky:

    I never used that wrinkly orange for anything! We actually ate it…

    it think it was some accidental orange/lemon hybrid because the peel was almost half an inch thick, and the orange was literally MORE sour than an avarage lemon.

    it was bizarre!

  12. I would have thought the wrinkly orange would have been used for a scrotal ladder or something.

  13. #30, Mr. O, beauty is in the eye of the beholder I think this orange is gorgeous just the way it is you have no right to insult a fruit just because it’s not a stick and doesn’t conform to your idea of beauty!!

  14. DUDE! Thats not cool. I did that over two years ago for an art project. I even had a whole little story about how the other citrus fruits(including a can of tangerine wedges) shunned him because he was different. T_T

  15. I knew a guy who used to pierced raw pork loin for practice. It was kind of disturbing. I think this is cute.

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