22 thoughts on “Psalm 29 Suspension

  1. Psalm 29: “Few are made for independence– it is a privilege of the strong.”

    or is that aphorism 29?

  2. Maybe verse 11? “He will give his people strength. He will bless them with peace”. I can’t really find anything else that might apply.

    The location is nice though. Anyone know where it is?

  3. “the voice of the Lord rocks the desert; the Lord rocks the desert of Kadesh”?

    I wonder if the voice of the Lord rocks as hard as the new mm album. unfortunately, it probably does.


  4. There’s a cross like this on my campus (it being part of the college’s history) that I’m dying to suspend from. I could probably get away with it, in terms of dealing with the administration, too.

  5. Frester, Guerrilla suspensions are definitely in style this year. Might as well bring it to Christianity 🙂

  6. heh, my school is hardly religious in any form. It was a girls seminary back in the 17th-18th centuries after the Calverts established St. Mary’s City, but now there’s more Buddhist hippies than anything.

  7. does it seem to anyone else that when you look at this photo from the corner of your eye she’s swinging oh so gently? maybe it’s the crack. but it’s a nice photo.

  8. if you know a place to purchase vaginas, surely you know of a place where I could sell one.

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