The Tattooist Movie Trailer

This bodyart-themed film project starring Jason Behr seems to be much farther along than The Body Piercer. In theory this gets released, at least in New Zealand, in August 2007.

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24 thoughts on “The Tattooist Movie Trailer

  1. I’ve never been more glad to be NZ.
    (And it’s not often I say that lol)

    Tattoo horror flick, I like.

  2. That looks like a really bad idea transformed into a really bad movie…
    “Yes people, fear the tattoos! Besides Hep-C it can also infect you with weird horror thingies and make you the poor victim of BLACK MAGIC!”

  3. …. eeeuuh… what?

    That didn’t seem to make an ‘ink’ling of sense. haha.

    That pun was as bad as that movie looks. There are some things that really should not be used to make movies about, and some of those things include tattoos, let alone tattoo’ists’. I don’t know, but I think that person above was right… tattoos already have a bad name, why oh why make it worse. And yes, people ARE that gullible. If people STILL think that tattoos means they can’t get epidurals or blood drawn, then people WILL beleive tattoos will associate them with some sort horror story.

    Oy.. I hope this disappears fast.

  4. Some peple are so blue eyed. I think this is the worst ide ever to make a movie of. but you forget something – the history of tattoo, which is as old as the history of human kind, has ALWAYS been full of meening, untill now. now peples tattoos dont mean a shit. but look back in history – like the old sovjet prison tattoos, every single line of ink had a meaning.

  5. Well, it looks better than most of what’s coming out…but that isn’t saying much…

  6. with the reactions i see here and the North american way of “censoring” things i doubt we will even catch wind of it outside this forum, any1 here ever here of the asain made movie spider lillies? (a female tattooist and a lonely girl that has just moved to the city and is curious about tattoos and they become lovers) my point is i doubt many here have heard of it, even though it cleaned house at the awrds, same thing will probably happen with this, granted this one seems to be kind of odd. just my two cense

  7. I don’t think it looks bad, and at least it’s an original concept – remember it’s a film, not real! Sometimes we get a bit too precious and defensive of our sub-culture.

    My big irk would be that I don’t see the point in seeing it now as the trailer has completely laid it out… trailer or spoiler?

  8. The thing that cracks me up is a lot of those actors are seasoned professionals. I don’t mean Jason Behr, I mean the NZ actors who pop up in movies like ‘Sione’s Wedding’ and ‘No.2′.

    I don’t know how comfortable with the concept of the film I am, but you’ll notice it’s not some random American or Brit making the film, it’s a New Zealand film. Masters like Paulo Suluape lived right here in Aotearoa and the traditions are strong.

    As to whether it will lend itself to a negative public perception of tattoos… too late. The decades old stigma still exists, but if you walked the streets of Aotearoa, especially in the denser populated cities like Auckland and Wellington, you’d see visibly tattooed people everywhere.

    Did ‘Mataku’ (a series on Maori supernatural happenings) make people fear Maori culture? No.

    Will ‘The Tattooist’ make people associate tatau and tattooing with the supernatural? Fuck no.

    Ease up people.

  9. “He needs a doctor-”
    “He Needs A Tattoo!”
    lmao, if nothing else it started my day off with a giggle.

  10. sole.. what on earth is up with the second half of the trailor?? Bad spirits?? a ink demon? What the hell.. never heard of these bizaare stories in my samoan up-bringing

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