Triceratops Skull Tattoo

I looooove Cerah‘s triceratops chestpiece tattoo, in progress by Mark Lankin at Funhouse Tattoo in Vancouver, BC. This picture was taken after the second session.

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55 thoughts on “Triceratops Skull Tattoo

    i’ve been trying to think of something cool to get for paleontology… perhaps a trilobite :P nothing nearly as baddass as a triceratops skull chestpiece zomg!

  2. Wow, that’s really cool…and different, I like it a lot! And yay for shaved heads!

  3. so hot, i wonder id she does something that is related to the tattoo? i love the detail at how the head seems to be popping out

  4. That is amazing!!! I need to get around to a dinosaur tattoo already. I’m leaning more towards aquatic life like plesiosaurs or a coelacanth, though.

  5. Brilliant!! I’ve been trying to figure out a cool way to incorporate dinosaurs into my body art, she has shown it can be done! *sigh* Dinosaurs were such a massive part of my childhood. Land Before Time, anyone?

  6. *grins*

    This totally just made my day!! Thanks for the compliments… there’s pics of the finished chestpiece on in IAM gallery.

  7. HA! First thing I saw was a HUGE lobe stretching in the mirror – then I looked again and realized it was a towel holder! …then I noticed the beautiful tattoo and woman!!

  8. Wow, that looks so good. I haven’t seen many tattoos where your looking directly at the front of the subject like that, usually their on an angle showing some sort of profile. Its turned out really well, congrats to the artist and all involved.

  9. I like that her name is Cerah and so is the triceratops in land before time – great tattoo !!

  10. #20 OMG yes.. love it I like this, all the dino tat’s ive seen have been fair bad but this one is awsome, i love how she’s smiling.

  11. the haircut is beautiful.
    the tattoo totally ruins a beautiful décolletage.
    sorry, sweetie.
    that should have gone on your lower back.

  12. that is awesome! i have a land before time sleeve that is in the process right now, i have one more session next week and then it is done! i love this idea or basically anything that is tlbt…

  13. this is one of the nicest attoos i’ve seen in a while, the colours just seem to work so well. i love it!

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