23 thoughts on “A tattoo for librarians?

  1. I need that on my middle finger to use on a friend when we go to the movies. He’s always the one you have to yell shut the hell up to.

  2. I freaked the fuck out when I first shushed someone. I’m a cool librarian! I’m tattooed! I’ve got a blog! But shut the fuck up in enclosed spaces!

    I’m totally linking for all my librarian friends.

  3. Cute idea…I’m a little concerned that the tip of his finger is about to rot off, though!

  4. I almost immediatly saw the tip of his finger… Let us be kind an assume it’s just dirt, or funny lighting, not something gross.

  5. Speaking of librarian tattoos–any chance of finding somebody to update Gailcat’s BMEWorld tattooed-librarian page, or finding somebody who’d like to curate a more modern version?

  6. This…. is excellent.

    Also, about the tip of his finger… i’m willing to bet that’s callous from playin’ guitar. I think guitar fingertips are hot, actually.

  7. i noticed your eyes before i noticed the tattoo…
    and i would consider myself a tattoo connoisseur…
    they are gorgeous~ (both of them :D..and the tattoo too..haha)

  8. Hehe I work in a library (library assistant, not quite a bona fide librarian I’m afraid), and apparently according to our bosses, in modern libraries we’re no longer allowed to shush people for being noisy but be thankful they’re actually there – libraries are slowly being phased out in the UK due to lack of custom 🙁

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