48 thoughts on “Bored with a 0ga septum…

  1. ooooh i wonder if she can look into her mouth like that, i would get a total kick out of it!

  2. I have to restrain myself in class not to stick my pencil in my septum when I get bored!!

  3. When I first glanced at the title I thought it said “Born with a 0ga septum” … I was like that’s so awesome!! I was disappointed to say the least when I read it over. lol

  4. RICK
    yes she does have a minor skin problem
    however, once it clears up she will have the satisfaction of knowing that you will always be a total loser

  5. #8, obviously you have never dealt with acne since you clearly are a perfect human being.

    loving the vert. labret.

  6. #9 thank you i was going to be very sad if no one else called out the asshole haha

  7. I think that the picture with the dental mirror and her trying to look into her mouth is the most adorable and creative thin I’ve seen in quite a while.

  8. so am i the only person who was stupid and thought this was a guy at first?

  9. I can attest from personal closeup encounters that said Elasticrock has face skin that is very smooth indeed. And awesome piercings.

  10. She’s not only got rampant acne, she’s FOREIGN. How unattractive can you get?

  11. #9, obviously you’ve never had a girlfriend or spent a night with a woman… most of us look a lot worse than that without make-up, you know…

    The second pic is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  12. You guys are crazy, she doesn’t have bad skin at all! I’ve seen much much worse.

    This is so cute, just as cute as the legos she had in her lobes haha.

  13. to #26, well in my opinion, you shouldn’t allow people to pull down your self-esteem even more. Chin up , yo! No one’s ever skin-perfect to even begin with, just like me: )

  14. Oh Jen, you gotta ignore the idiots. We’d love you to share.

    Frankly, I think she’s absolutely adorable. That pic with the dental mirror is cute as hell!

  15. I’m bored with people talking shit and complaining about every little thing,
    who cares if your bored with seeing it, I’m not and shannon is’nt so bite it jerkface…and to the asshole talking shit about people with acne, I’de love it if you said that shit to my acne ridden face cause I’de lay your ass out.

    I’m bored with people using the anonymity of the internet to talk shit on people

  16. Joe, bring it, your mother probably looks like a man and has only been laid once to produce your acne ridden assface.

  17. She’s cute 🙂
    As for the acne – who cares? Not to mention, that’s a light case of it.

  18. damn some of you people are fucking shallow.

    of course shes cute shes got a hygienic tool sticking out of her face.

  19. #26 don’t worry about what anyone else says..
    im not a huge nose piecing fan but dam, you made it look so awsome…!

  20. hey joe, what exactly are you doing besides complaining? im so sick of you douche bags talking about ‘using the anonymity of the internet to talk shit on people’ can i have your address so i can talk shit to your face?

    P.S. i used my full name, joe.

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