A bouquet of flowers for you

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25 thoughts on “A bouquet of flowers for you

  1. #3- So did I. That is the first time I have actually been surprised from a post on Modblog.

  2. rumor control says he bought the flowwers for his lover PualyUnstoppabiable ~_&

  3. Does anyone else think, after browsing BME for years, that a penis just looks wrong without a PA?

  4. I actually went “aahh!” out loud when I clicked through.. Thought it was female.

  5. sareruhlicious – In humans and some other species, flaccid vs. erect penis size varies greatly between individuals, such that penis size when flaccid is not a reliable predictor of size when erect.

    Even with the pixelation it looks nothing like a HooHoo.

  6. Yeah, given that he’s not hard it’s 100% pointless to comment on size because there’s virtually no correlation… I know guys that are just nubs when they’re soft but are bigger than average hard…

  7. I’m sorry – I know my comments not the first,but I had to laugh,because I thought it was a girl as well! Man,that guys got a small pee-pee! LOL.

  8. Haven’t you guys heard of grow-ers or show-ers? Personally, I always enjoy the grow-ers. Besides, this guy looks like he’d get a nice girth to him.

  9. yup, i was about to say the same, Indebted.

    Take it from a a girl who’s seen lots of cocks: I ve seen guys with a big cock when soft, that when erect stays more or less the same size (i.e. showers). and then there are the guys that when soft they can be tiny, but then when they get hard their cock size increases up to three or four or more times their “soft” size (i.e. growers)

    Which is also why I always marveled at the fact that guys compare themselves to others in gym showers…. because simply, you CANNOT tell who is going to be the biggest when hard

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