23 thoughts on “They help him balance in a headstand

  1. I kinda think the rest of the hair should go, I think it’s an odd look.

    But the implants look wonderful!

  2. where are the incisions for the impants? i think i see one on the back right hand side of the teflon domes but im not sure. quality work as per usual

  3. Wilburt – The incisions are at the back if I remember right (lots more photos on the various IAM pages and the galleries). The mark at the front is an injury of some type I think… Russ could clarify…

  4. do I see a receding hairline, or did he shave?
    if he shaved, good for him. There’s nothing worse than being an involuntarily bald eagle!

  5. manweiler a hey!!!
    i bet you dont know who this is… but i know you… BAHAHAH!!
    you look like hulk hogan

  6. ewwww. I didnt even notice the implants for the longest time, i couldnt get past the sick skullet. Oh well, it cracked me up.

  7. THIS is finally a use of implants I like. Augmenting something about yourself that you cannot change with something you can! Randomly placed implants really bug me, and just look strange on most people. This is cool.

  8. This haircut is so bad I don’t even care about the implants!

    I’m sure he just shaved because of the procedure. I wonder how the hair would grow back on those implants, I guess it would be a bitch to trim afterwards…

  9. He has such pretty hair…. why???
    Guys with long blond beautiful hair are so amazing….
    If I was him only for that reason I would implant something elsewhere….. just don’t ruin the hair!!!! 😛
    (I’m a total sucker for long haired guys, I’m sorry….)
    Seems to be a good clean work though!
    Have a great day…

  10. ……Maybe he had to shave to get the implants and he’s going to grow it back.

  11. Although his hair does not lend itself to it much, I am picturing him as a Talaxian for some odd reason, which is pretty cool. He would just need a mullety mohawk/mohican, some really sweet jawbone sideburns, I can just see it now…
    (Not that I am forcing my opinion, just thinking out loud.)

    /agrees with Reout.

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