"My cunt"

I don’t know if by “my cunt” Veggie_Powered means to imply it’s a self-portrait or if it’s just a statement of ownership, but this explicit centrepiece was done by Chris Moody at Artifex in Vestal, NY. Bring on the comments about tittie-fucking!

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85 thoughts on “"My cunt"

  1. That’s not a very …how show I say…healthy looking example, rather red and inflamed

  2. ho-lay crap, i would be surprised to see that peeking out of a tank top. i assume it’s red because it’s fresh, but i think it’d probably fade eventually?

  3. I was thinking the same thing… I would have picked a prettier example to get a tattoo of, but then again, I’m not sure that I would have picked a vagina in general to get a tattoo of.

    Brave girl though… That would be an interesting one to explain to Grandma.

  4. I have to say that my vagina doesn’t look anything like that. And if it did, I would get it checked out.

  5. Idem @ 4 & 5.

    I don’t like this tattoo, it’s this sort of tattoos that make tattooed people look like scum in other people’s view. No offence to Veggie_Powered though.

  6. Yeah, the levels are brighter here than in the submitted one I think — click through to her page to see the pinker one. My apologies, I’m guessing I had my laptop screen at a bad angle.


    Re: “that vagina looks weird”
    Trust me, all vaginii (or whatever the plural is) look weird if you want to be objective. Suggesting there’s a standard is a bit silly I think.

    Re: “this makes tattooed people look bad”
    That’s ridiculous. Really, if we want to play that game, rant about things like “BORN 2 LOSE” oldschool tattoos and any number of other things.

  7. Shannon, you’re right, I retract my previous statement. All vaginas are different and beautiful…. I still wouldn’t get one on my chest… but hey, thats just me.

    I’d still like to hear the conversation where she explains that one to Granny though.

  8. It’s kinda nifty, my only thing about it is that it’s so up front and center, being on the chest. I’d think I’d like it more if it were in a less visible location. Though, her page says she’s a piercer or something in a tattoo shop, so I guess it wouldn’t be as big a deal.

  9. dont worry bout explaining it to granma, it would be funny to explain when she is a granma

  10. It’s certainly prettier than the other vagina/vulva tattoos I’ve seen here on ModBlog.

    Don’t know what’s not “pretty” about it. It’s actually much more symmetrical and tidy than most actual real vulvas I’ve seen.

  11. ohh, okay, the less saturated version looks much more natural and i think some of the tissue texture is coming through.

    no vagina is perfect without plastic surgery.

  12. that chunky vag flesh looking stuff is a meaty, unsuccessful attempt at inner labia.

  13. I find it really interesting that she gets a tattoo of a vagina in such in obvious location, and covers her nipples.

  14. I personally find it amusing that she felt the need to add the “cunt” banner above it, as if anyone wouldn’t notice she has a vagina tattooed on her chest…. he he. nice touch. Why not just “vagina”? “pussy” would be my word of choice there… Anyway, I just thought it’s amusing (-:

  15. It’d be an odd one to wear in public, i can imagine other kids asking thier parents about what it is…

    @ #1, Perhaps is been pumped?

  16. Maybe the “cunt” banner is more of a reference to herself as a person? Like how people get “slut” tattooed on themselves. That was my first thought.

  17. I dont mind the tattoo or its placement.

    Im the first to admit I swear a lot, and im certainly no prude. Even I rarely use the ‘C’ word, only on special occassions of course:)

    I just cannot imagine it tattooed on my chest for all to see for the rest of my life. I seriously dont mind explicit tattoos just dont like swear words with them.

  18. Totally awesome. I think it’s absolutely beautiful to see someone get a tattoo because THEY want it and think it looks beautiful regardless of what the general population thinks about it.

    #9 -> Who the hell cares what other people think about it? It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. If other people want to look down her for it or think she is “scum” as you put it, then it’s THEIR problem for being so stupid.

  19. Totally awesome. I think it’s absolutely beautiful to see someone get a tattoo because THEY want it and think it looks beautiful regardless of what the general population thinks about it.

    #9 -> Who the hell cares what other people think about it? It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it. If other people want to look down her for it or think she is “scum” as you put it, then it’s THEIR problem for being so stupid.

    Posted by Amber
    OK Amber but what about the tattoo isaw that showed an adult grown man with his pants down around his ankles and a big ass smile on his face while he has hold a 4-5 month old baby that he had bent over diaper pulled down shhalf his cock shoved into the baby with cum dripping down. If u can make the same statemant about thaqt one then i will respect your opinion otherwise go fuck urself.(u can find that tattoo somewhre on the net i think under bad tattoos)

  20. I think it’s lovely. I spent a lot of my life hearing and believing that vaginas/vulvas were dirty, ugly, smelly things, and felt embarrassed or ashamed to have one myself. Reading things like “can’t be perfect w/o plastic surgery”, “I would have picked a prettier example”, “I would get that checked out” and “looks like intestines spilling out of a stomach”… dings all the progress I’ve made towards loving MY body and ALL it’s bits.

    But y’all can be vulva haters if you want – I kinda like mine, and I like that this lady REALLY likes hers :)

    And hoorah for using the word “cunt” – it’s one of my favorite nouns.

  21. But y’all can be vulva haters if you want Posted by skylark
    The only person here that i know of that that ur talking about would be paulyunstoppable. I dont think any1 here said they hate the anotoeme i just think that such open obviuos display as a tattoo is not for me bu then again idont go to nude public beaches

  22. For all the people who believe that “real” vaginas don’t look like this, I suggest you visit the BME female genital piercing gallery and than come back and check this picture again…

  23. I’d like to find out why people tattoo explicit images on themselves. Shock appeal? In this case, a feminist statement? For a laugh? Just becaues they can?

    I don’t think I’d ever tattoo a vulva on myself, but I’m definitley interested to know why someone else would.

  24. maybe she’s not ashamed, and that’s why she has it.
    I bet I’ll be going to the grave with a few explicit tattoos myself, the human body is such a beautiful thing.

  25. Yeah, my first thought was that this was a feminist statement, or a statement of body acceptance/ownership on a personal level. A lot of feminists are working to reclaim the word ‘cunt’ in this way, and the depiction here is obviously very frank and unlike the idealised cartoon vulvas you usually see.

    Whatever it means, I think it’s really interesting. I’d never get one myself, but I find explicit tattoos fascinating!

  26. #36 Dear Bradly, stop being a complete asshole. There is a HUGE CHASM of difference between a woman tattooing a vagina on herself and someone with a tattoo of a man fucking a baby. HUGE HUGE DIFFERENCE, ya jackass.

    However, I stand by my statement. I may not like someone else’s tattoo, I may even think it’s disgusting and/or vulgar, BUT it is every single person’s given right to do whatever they want to their body. It is beautiful to see people take ownership of themselves and do what they want. Our body is the only thing guaranteed to us in this life, take advantage of that. The day that someone tries to prevent another person from modify their body is a sad day indeed.

  27. I first off have to say it’s a very beautifully rendered tattoo, with brilliant colour and a very interesting look. Lovely in it’s own rights.
    She’s my piercer and I must say, if the “cunt” is a reference to herself as some have theorized, she’s never acted like that towards me. She’s a DAMN nice lady.

  28. 46 then ur a hippo-crite to tell me to stop expressing myself how ever i want to. and two call me obscence names is just not very nice ,u may get off on hurtin other peoples feelings but not me ijust express my thoughts openy and freely ….at least untill eye get banned from most sites..but fuck its better than when i was getting thrown out the back door of the bar into the alley way out and above the starss shine bright like a flash bulb in a dark closset fucker now u got me upset and im rambling on .,.,.,.,

  29. #48 -> First of all, grow up. I’m guessing you to be somewhere around the age of 12 based on the egregious spelling errors and ridiculous ramblings. Second, yes I did call you two names, but you took the first hit by telling me to go fuck myself, so I’m pretty sure any claim that you have of me ‘hurting your feelings’ are null and void. And lastly, I never told you to stop expressing yourself, I simply offered a rebuttal to your opinion. You have the same right to express yourself as any other person, regardless of how inane and puerile you may be.

  30. bradly, you’re free to express yourself, but if what you say draws ire from those around you, showing restraint is a mark of maturity.

    which appears to be something you lack.

  31. this just sux i went and got lots of dollar bills and now u r still mad at me …!_!

  32. egardless of how inane and puerile you may be.Posted by Amber
    lol i had to look up those words and so what u know some fancy words to describe me well when i lookedup my own fancy big words i came up with .. A flippant person ~_#

  33. Yes, not all vaginas (Most, I suppose) have teeny perfectly symmetrical lips. But, for the most part, I feel liek you can differentiate between which lip is which! Not so in this case

    Well done, either way.

  34. While it’s not a tattoo I would choose for myself, I really like how the outside of it is done without a black outline. The color is beautiful and I’d kind of like to see what the tattoo would have looked like without black at all. I think dark outlines can ruin the look of certain tattoos.

  35. Ah wonderful, we still have an irrational hatred of female anatomy. Even on Modblog.

  36. more power to her, i’ve got a vagina tattoo that i love and it’s way less healthy looking

  37. Sex postive feminist, perhaps? Perhaps in homage to the wearer’s own cunt-love and Inga Muscio’s “Cunt: A Declaration of Indepence?” Awesome way to wear one’s politics on one’s sleeve, er…chest.

  38. I feel personally that this woman is now nearly obligated to perform in her community’s next production of Eve Ensler’s play The Vagina Monologues (which is done as a giant fundraiser — the one I was in split our proceeds between the local domestic-violence services agency and a shelter for homeless women with children). She could hardly fail the audition!

  39. Of course I like it! But I’m also very curious about how she plays with it towards other people and the reactions she gets…

  40. There is no such thing as an ugly vulva, The vulva is God,s greatest beautiful gift to man.Are you listening girls,?
    There is no such thing as a beautiful penis, god made them ugly purely as a contrast.

  41. I agree with # 35 it does draw attention to the poor black work. Her body do as you wish but in my poinion it’s a poor representation in artistry and aplication.

  42. y’all need to get a life. The only good-looking tattoos are on motorcylce gangs, black guys (black on brown is subtle, though not always) and sailors, navy vets, and maori warriors (fits the historic use of them). On women they are universally disgusting, and a tattoo like this only broadcast – I have a severe mental problem…..a friend and I collect pics like this as a joke. Do you think Mike Tyson’s culturally idiotic maori tat looked good? No, he looked like a moronic assclown, just like the rest of you….

  43. There’s some body mods on FODO1: clit removals for personal and/or political reasons. No graphic images
    as far as clit removals go, but little stories as captions on images of women involved with the orgasm denial fetish.
    I’ve always loved mods. I’ve got a couple of piercings but nothing unusual. Always wanted to have my testicles removed and have a shallow vagina created surgically but keep my penis. Kind of become a hermaphrodite of sorts. Probably won’t ever do it, though, because of the expense.


  44. What a complete fool!!. Only an moron of the very lowest self awareness would want a poorly drawn twat on their body. All you stupid stupid people who want to scribble shite on your skin and punch holes in your bodies are going to look so pathetic when you are old. ALL tattoos look like crap after about ten years. ” But I think they are cool” yes thats because you are a fucking idiot who doesnt deserve a healthy body to mutilate.
    And no I am not some conservative Christian/Jew/Muslim or the like ..I just have eyes and have seen so many people think they look good when they are young and foolish and then have to face the mess they have done to them selves.

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