40 thoughts on “Gratuitous Nipple Piercing Shot

  1. Yay my face finally got on modblog! Until now it’s just been the boobies. Thanks Shannon. 😉

  2. The nipples are just jumping out and screaming “HELLO! WE’RE HERE! AND THERE’S METAL THROUGH US!”

    What a pretty face though! Great smile. 😀 I love the smiling nude pictures, instead of that strange lustful face that most people get.

  3. Oh my god…she’s beautiful. Her face, her breasts, all of her piercings…she has perfect nipples.

    Jesus Christ. What a hot, hot picture.

  4. this is one of the first pictures I’ve ever looked at where my eyes dont go directly to the nipples. What a beautiful girl!

  5. Is that thier natural color? The right one looks odd at the edges, like it isnt real

  6. Hey Wiggledance – If you hate nipples like this – What kind of nippled DO you like (and why do I care?)

  7. Because the ultimate purpose of every set of nipples is of course to meet Wiggledance’s standards. Meh.

    What an absolutely breathtaking smile.

  8. I like her nipples, unfortunately I can see her breast augumentation scars.

  9. # 19: so I wasn’t going to write anything else, but…. I had a VERY GOOD plastic surgeon. I am Black. Black people scar differently that white people whose breast augmentation scars fade relatively quickly in comparison. If I get a scrape it will stay for months, if I get a cut it might stay for a year, if they cut through all the layers of my skin to the muscle, as they do in boob jobs, the scars are going to be there for a few years at least. That’s something I knew going into the surgery, and something I have to be okay with because, um, I have darker skin. And, uh, my boobs look great. So you can TELL I had a boob job because of the inevitable scarring under my nipple… so what, the point of getting fake boobs isn’t to pretend you didn’t get fake boobs… its to have fake boobs.

    So know what you’re talking about, mkay.

  10. Im saving this pic in my special folder, the one my girlfreind doesnt know about 😉
    Copper is the sexiest women on modblog

  11. Yumm 🙂 Your pretty as!

    And your boob job looks just fine 🙂 great shape and a perfect size.

    What a great smile 😀

  12. ITA, Copper_wise. I wasn’t going to say anything since I wasn’t sure what race/ethnicity you were. You obviously had a great surgeon, since our skin scars extremely easily. I have friggen keloids from little mosquito bites that I got years ago.
    I hope that my doctor would be that skilled if I ever have to get a boob reduction or other procedure. Don’t sweat the clueless.

  13. It’s funny how white people, including myself, complain when their scars fade or don’t keloid, and wish they had darker skin for that reason… but now you’ve got people whining that scars ARE visible… I think they’re rather pleasing.

    Anyway, no boobs could match the loveliness of her face!/jealous

  14. OMG, what is with the whining that her nipples are “too dark”? Do you have any idea how offensive that is? Her SKIN IS DARK! Duh!

  15. eee, I wasn’t trying to be offensive or trying to say she had ugly nipples! I was rather drunk when i posted that and reading back it was put wrongly.

    I should have kept my mouth shut :S oh dear

  16. We weren’t whining, Em. There’s a difference between wanting your skin to keloid from getting a scarification modification versus an inadvertent keloid due to a skin injury. It’s all about intentions.
    I thought that would be obvious….

  17. copper_wire IS the hottest thing on IAM. It’s just a fact.
    And she’s in the room next to me showering right now… I love my life! 😉

  18. Lovely picture, she has a beautiful smile.

    What’s cool is that I’m pretty sure, I might be comepletely off, but I think I saw her on a body jewelry site, talking about a hider for a nose piercing, some girl said that there should have been a pinkish tone and she said “not everyone is a pinkish tone, just so you know.” or something along those lines, I really appreciated it, and I don’t even have my nose pierced. I gathered that she was kickass from that, this proves it! hehe

  19. Who cares about the scars? Scars fade.. and to be honest… I don’t see anything wrong with them.
    I love the piercings. Beautiful face.
    And i agree… When girls pose naked… They’re so much more attractive when they smile. =]
    Mwah x

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