Ear scalpelling stitches

Because of the clear jewelry, you can see the sutures (note: not all artists suture these) on the inside edge of this ear cutting by Christiane at Pinpoint Piercing in Norway.

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26 thoughts on “Ear scalpelling stitches

  1. is there any advantage to have them sutured? or not for that matter too. im planning on having my ears scalpled soon and the info would be great

  2. I think i might have liked that better for my ears! I should take a picture of my recently cut ears so you can compare the sutured look through glass to the none sutured look through glass..

  3. That would make an awesome design for eyelets… make it look like there are sutures in the ear.

  4. I have thought about stitching up scalpeled ears before, mostly to promote quicker and more controlled healing.

    If you think about it, you are healing a fair bit of tissue after cutting, basically the entire wearing surface of the inside of your lobe. By stitching it up, you are healing more of a ‘line’ connecting the two sides of skin than the entire area.

    The only downside I could see would be aggravation by the stitches during initial healing (presuming they are removed after ~1 week) and the possibility of causing little scar lines after removal.

    I found amazing quick healing after having my inner-conches removed (and stitched). Heres wondering if the same could be applied to lobes.

    Anybody got some healed/healing pics or insight on stitched lobes? and also any advantage/disadvantage to wearing tunnels during healing.

  5. #3: I would say its Pyrex (glass). by the looks of the flare it could be glasswearstudios.com – but I may be mistaken.

    Looks rad with the silione o-ring too. I personally love seeing the ‘raw’ white flesh from a fresh scalpel, but the stitches are a cool look too.

  6. im sure there glass. anybody doing lobe redirection has to be experienced. and anybody experienced know not to use acrylic. on regard to wearing tunnels or not during the healing process. i wore a pair of tunnels for the first week or week and a half after having ears cut and it was fine. there no real difference. its just your preference. but i feel after changing to solid glass plugs things went smoother. i think the weight of the plugs help my ears to stretch more and heal faster.

  7. i remember reading on this on i think it was her page and she said it wasn’t only lobe redirection but some cartilage removal. i think that why they used sutures on her lobes.

  8. wow, that looks brutal..if i met this person, i would totally stalk them for a while just to look at their badass horror lobes a little longer…
    i hope it heals fine. ;)

  9. I agree with #15. I was also wondering if anyone new some good ear jewelry sites. I have 3/4 ” gauges and im strapped for cash so i was just wondering help mutch appreciated.

  10. They were stitched both to reduce healingtime and scarring (as jOELTRON described). And it has worked really well. I’ve also had my inner conches removed in a similar way, and they were scab free after only two weeks. I wanted to try the same technique with these lobes. Some cartilage was removed to relocate and relive pressure.

    The eyelets are pyrex from GlassWear (well spotted, jOELTRON :)

  11. #1 & #7 – Less blood? When I had my lobes scalpelled they bled for four days. And I mean… almost non-stop. I had to keep them covered in gauze for a couple of days, which I had to keep changing every hour or so. I’m usually not a big bleeder, either. I imagine suturing slows down / stops any bleeding for the first few days after the procedure.

    Anyway – awesome photo! Another of my favorites on modblog; it just looks really, really neat.

  12. i was lucky. my ears didn’t really bleed. not even when i got them cut. there was a spot of blood maybe the size of a quarter on my pillow the morning after i got them cut. and they’ve healed real well.

  13. Beautiful! I never knew scalpelled ears could be sutured, advantageous I’m sure!

  14. any problems healing a 0g scalpelled n stretched with stainless single flares?

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