The Enigma’s Radical Ear Reshaping

You may remember at the start of the month I posted shots of The Engima‘s (iam:TheEnigma) ear reshaping by Howie ( when they were fresh and sutured. They’re healing really well, and The Enigma sends in these shots of how it’s doing these days.

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67 thoughts on “The Enigma’s Radical Ear Reshaping

  1. ah, that’s awesome. i wasn’t crazy about it when you first posted, but they match his tattoos so nicely.

  2. haha! i was just thinking yesterday “when is Shannon goin’ to post The Enigmas ear again?” haha! thanx Shannon!

  3. I wonder if he sometimes wakes up and thinks “man…I just want to go to the grocery store and not have children cry from fear…just once….”

  4. #10/Milton78
    Sometimes I wake up and think “Man… I just want to enter in the bus and no one talk to me… just once…”

    I think is the point of view and not the body-mods.
    And childrens cry for ugly/bad people and not different people. In most of the cases, different people wake some interest on the child.

    Enigma for President!

  5. The puzzle piece thing slipped past me somehow the first time, too, but now that they’re healed they really fit in well with his tattooing. Looks great.

    I imagine he has made a kid or two cry in public, though. :-)

  6. Sorry for the double-post, but I just clicked through and was intrigued that it was only his left ear that he reshaped.

  7. most kids wont cry from fear when they see unusual people. they have not learned that hate and close minded yet. kids are very open to shit and most are shy to strangers anyways. its all about attitude towards them . if you smile back at a starin kid they most likely will smile back but if you scream what the fuck you looking at to them yeah it might scare them. reminds me of that video trailer for the bme video when the lil girl seen lizard in the store and just screams and points at him all confused

  8. Love the Enigma’s new ears. As for scaring kids, Me and the Guys from Sacred Skin in des moines iowa hung out with him out side of the convention in little rock, arkansas and everyone wanted to talk to him or take pictures of him and these are people not into tattoos or body mods. Even when he visited us in Iowa it was the same. People are more curious than turned off and its the same for kids. He’s different so they are more curious about it. The kids who react badly are the once who have parents who react negatively so they think they should react that way too. anyway i’m rambling so i should end this post.

  9. I hate w those fuckin whack ass faces soome moded people make …but hen again i hate soem faces of non moded people but then again i cover all the mirror;s in my house with tin foil for the saem reason &_*

  10. I want to touch it. And his beard works well with his skin.

    I can imagine a well-adjusted small child (18 months or so?) simply finding it hilarious that the man has blue skin. Just laughing in that way babies do.

    In fact, all the well-adjusted kids I take care of would be equally excited “Wow look, that man’s blue!”

    So if parents didn’t teach their kids to hate and fear, he’d be spreading a lot of happiness…

  11. I have two boys and they loved seeing him at the Little Rock convention. I didnt see a single kid scared of him. Lots of kids couldnt wait to get their pictures taken with him,mine included.
    I doubt he has ever had a child scream due to his appearence.
    Maybe a few adults but I just dont see children doing it/

  12. I am not as heavily modded as Enigma, but I have dyed my hair multiple hues and have a handful of tattoos and I find that children are far more accepting and curious than their more “mature” counterparts.

  13. i LOVE the look of his ear now. Very fitting with the rest of him. And i’m sure my step-kids (ages 4 and 7) would smile and giggle at him, not run away screaming.

  14. honestly i can’t imagine that the reshaping would affect his hearing…it doesn’t go deep enough to do so :)

  15. I’ve been waiting for an update on this. It’s looking awesome and it suits him so well.

  16. I really like it from the side, but from the front it makes me think of coral for some reason. Like the kind from reefs.

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  18. #17/MBL
    He had both of his ears shaped liked this. It says so on Howie’s page. :)

  19. From the front it looks like Master Shake’s hand!

    For all the ATHF fans out there.

  20. “I honestly only JUST realized that his ears were meant to look like puzzle pieces. Errrrr duh.”
    ditto, I wasn’t really sure what look he was going for, but it looks utterly fantastic

  21. it’s a very strange ear he’s got going on. It looks more like a very small hand (even has five fingers) than a puzzle piece, though.

  22. The Engima and I made a trip to Walmart once while he was on tour. People were curious, but the gawking was far less than expected. I was surprised. BTW, if you read this bud, the ears look rad. See ya when you’re in town again.

  23. Hey that looks pretty badass now that it’s healed!
    It reminds me of the gills you see on some aquatic salamanders.


  24. Is there anyone more iconic of body modification than The Enigma? Good stuff. Looks really good, too. The Enigma has more style than … a … hmm…. than a whole bunch of something really stylish. Yeah, that’s it.

  25. personally its not quite my cup of tea, but thats what makes Body Modification a personal journey, not a journey of the masses.

  26. Is enigma really unique? In comparison to Erik “The Lizardman”, Stalking Cat, Scottish Leopardman, anyone else who decides to get themselves heavily tattooed, pierced, implanted,etc?

    We’re already all unique lil snowflakes, blah blah blah…But it defiantely shouldn’t be about a popularity/who’s more unique contests,etc.

  27. Enigma (for me anyway) doesn’t seem to have an obvious point of reference to compare to (i.e. cat, lizard, walrus etc).

  28. Wow, I’m really impressed by this and stunned at how his ear’s are turning out (although I’ve never heard about him, surpriseingly!)

  29. His ears look totally awesome. I can’t believe how great this came out looking.

  30. Its funny that this man is allowed the right to “pursue happiness” as guaranteed in the constitution and those that do other body modification like bodybuilding with steroids are arrested and made into outlaws. How long before it is illegal to do all body modification? Already doing tattoos is illegal in many areas and body pierces have been arrested for piercing an under aged nipple. Everyone needs to lighten up, fascism sucks.

  31. honestly i can’t imagine that the reshaping would affect his hearing…it doesn’t go deep enough to do so :)

    It may, but not a lot, I’m sure. The whole ear is responsible for the way we hear things, not just the insidey bits. But I doubt it will change his hearing significantly.

  32. Wow, all the comments are great and raise some interesting points! I’m the…”drummer”- type noise making freak with Enigma’s new project Electric Acid Theatre. I’m helping out with answering emails and stuff, he really wishes he had time to do it all but it’s just too much for him to do himself! He’s the most naturally energetic person I’ve ever known, the guy is a hurricane around a volcano…I hope you all will come see us with the newly expanded show– We’ll do our first dates together in Des Moines, Iowa April 25 & 26th. I’m not gonna be a spoiler and tell you what we’ve got planned, you’ll just NEED to come see it… you will laugh, cry, scream, hallucinate, some will pee and flee. Sssseriously.
    Yep, Enigma’s ears (both) healed up beautifully, and recently he’s had 23 new piercings: each ear segment, traguses, several around each brow, and half a dozen round the mouth. Looks great, and he’s not done yet… We did a tv thing together in November, and one night involved a Q and A session between local kids and parents, Jamey Jasta, and some other cool people. Anyways allllll the kids and their parents just totally loved Enigma, and it all comes down to how he genuinely is– just flat-out nice.
    Hey I’m also happy to announce that we’ll be playing 30+ dates across the UK and Ireland, this August and September. We’ll be headlining 25 nights as part of the incredible Edinburgh Fringe Fest, the world’s original and biggest festival of theatre, music, dance, and every sort of performance you can imagine. Come check us out and add us on
    . Enigma says thanks for all your support!
    -Dubh for The Enigma’s E*A*T

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