Tina Meegan seems to have a little fellow on her ear for a ride-along (better than on her labret I suppose).

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56 thoughts on “Cicada

  1. I think we need more awesome insect/mod photos around here!

    I’ve seen butterfly wing earrings for sale, but cicada earrings might be even better.

  2. That looks like a blowout on her labret. D:

    Maybe the cicada thought the earring was it’s long lost brother? It’s a pretty picture. :D

  3. or it could be it was scalpelled in and isnt very old….yes..i think that it….no…THAT IS IT!!!

    maybe shannons eyes are acting up,thats why its credited wrong…:P

  4. FUCK THOSE THINGS!!! i grew up in cincy and every like 10 years we would get SWORMS of them and they would land on u or in ur car!! fuck them!!!!

  5. ahhhhhh!
    i HATE those things.
    i’d be running around, yelling like a lunatic if one landed on me

    i’m kind of a wuss.

  6. In Ohio THey come around like every seven years. You can’t walk out side with out they covering the ground trees car,etc. Lol But the worst thing is theres like two different types that come around during those seven years so its like every 3 to 4 years.

  7. I love the buzz of a cicada and all but those suckers are loud when up in trees. I can’t imagine how loud it would be if I had one buzzing near my ear.

    I love insects…just not when they are on me. :shiver:

  8. It looks like this one doesn’t have an abdomen either. I think it’s safe to say it’s dead. I could be wrong though.

  9. Cannot stop staring at the pinkness and oozing yellowness (please tell me that’s just a weird shadow) of the labret…. That is way more gross than an insect could ever be x_X

  10. No joke, we have cicadas living in the ceilings of one of our lecture theatres at uni. When the overhead lights are turned down for a powerpoint presentation, they start chirping.
    It always elicits a giggle or two.

  11. I’d bet a cicada at that distance could cause serious hearing damage (think tinnitus for the rest of your life). Probably > 120 dB.

    That’s a risky photo!

  12. Cicadas go apeshit crazy loud where I live.
    That looks to be a half a cicada. (Cicada Lite?)

  13. Yeah the labret is fucking gross cos i had got it scalpelled not long b4 that. If anyone has ever had there lip scalpelled they’d no shit don’t heal and look pretty over night…. It’s all good and nice now :)

  14. i loathe cicadas. we had them in massachusetts but i had never seen one until i moved to tulsa. a friend of mine caught one and let it go inside his kitchen. it screamed a lot. i screamed more.

    *vomit in mouth*

  15. I love cicadas, they’re my favourite insect.. but where is his abdomen :(

  16. i dont know anything about cicadas but every time i see a picture with one someone comments on the lack of abdomen and how it must be dead… but how could it be gripping on to whatevers in the picture? and why would people take a picture with a dead half a bug on them anyways? sorry, just a bit confused…

  17. OMG I thought it was a fake insect !!!
    In France, cicadas are just always hidden so you hear it but can hardly see it…. i didn’t even know how cicadas look like before i saw this picture… terrifying !!

  18. @33, Cicadas are incredibly stiff when they die. I’ve found dead ones still clinging to trees and they can often be hard to pry off. With a bit of clever manipulation it wouldn’t be too hard to sort of hook one on to an earring, especially when the abdomen is no longer there to add weight.

  19. I like cicadas =) I do not like those “cicada killers”. They are a giant wasp (looks like a mega yellow jacket) and they grab the cicada and….

    Now THOSE are big and scary and can sting as well!

  20. in reference to the “cicada killers” comment, while they do APPEAR scary…they are non-aggressive towards people so they rarely sting. from what i’ve learned, the females only sting a person if they’re handled roughly or stepped on. males don’t sting at all. and if they happen to fly near you, if you swat at them…they’ll fly away. unlike other waspy bugs that attack when swiped at…

    either way…i loathe bugs. the only ones that don’t bother me are lady bugs and roly poly/pill bugs. even butterflies gross the holy hell out of me.

  21. woot i’m wearing the exact same swirls on my lobes! (minus the bug harharhar)

  22. vampirina- glad to hear that your labret is healthy and happy. The human body is a disgusting and marvelous thing….

  23. *double take* wait a second, that’s a megantina.

    those damn cicadas will never disappear will they! that one’s been on modblog twice now!!!

  24. yo.. I’m Tina.. she is Meegan (iam:Vampirina)
    The cicada was dead.. half the body is fucking missing.. and yes when dead if carefull you can manipulate it to make a crafty picture..
    and yeah.. her Labret was fresh as in that picture…
    I wondered why I had shit loads of non-iam hits.. this totally solves that ditty.

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