A tattoo for his mother

“MOM” tattoos are a pretty classic motif in the tattoo world, but I quite like Jason‘s simple nipple tattoo by John at Ink Spot in Huntsville, Alabama — it’s a letter “L”, for his mother Lauri. I also like the idea of putting a mom tattoo on a nipple (or better yet, a belly button I suppose, if you want to get overly symbolic).

10 thoughts on “A tattoo for his mother

  1. Hmmm.. Imagine getting sexed up though and the significant other is licking your mother dedicated nipple? I feel this is a bit creepy. Sweet! Dont get me wrong, but creepy.

  2. I had the same thought Pearl!
    But then, Im a dirty old perve, so I would, hehe.

  3. just a difrent way of remembring your mum insted of geting mum tattood on you so i like it its cool to seee a mum tattoo done in a difrent way thats the thing with tattoos you can do them in many difrent ways

  4. that is so crazy, i got a “L” tattoo on my inner arm and it is pretty similar to that. the wierd thing is, is i was originally going to get it done around my nipple just like yours!! small world

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