19 thoughts on “Cobertura de Cicatriz

  1. I like the scar. It gives the tattoo a nice trick-of-the-light aspect.

    It took me a moment too to find the bellybutton. 😉

  2. I actually really like the scar, placement, and tattoo… I think they work well together. Some tattoos are amazingly photo realistic, but I like the simple statement of this one…

  3. Looks about the size and shape of that crazy-big keloid removal posted a while back. Not the same person, is it?

  4. Kinda looks like the scar resembles a sword going through the tattoo to me which is probably unintentional, but works extremely well. Nice work

  5. I thought scars that broad (keloid) didn’t hold ink well? At least, that’s the advice I got when I asked about getting something done to cover up the scar on my wrist.

    Still, this looks excellent. Simple, pretty, and the scar really adds another subtle dimension.

  6. #13, that was the first thing I thought of! personally, i think it would have been cool to have had a sword going through the roses, directly tattooed in line with the scar…but i also like this as is!

  7. How well would tattoo ink take on especially large portions of scar tissue?

  8. I got pretty happy with it here, thanks as ever Shannon:)
    I decided to answer some of the questions…#9, the scar was from a surgery after a motorcycle crash. I did’nt think about the sword back then, but I think that it would probably highlight the scar and not conceal it, but that would definetely be a nice concept for sure Thanks to you all and the kind words:)

  9. Thats fair enough trash if the reason was to cover up more than excentuiate (probably spelt wrong) you’ve made the right choice. It’s a really clear piece of work ya got there.

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