Remember him from Dr. 90210?

These central forehead implants were done four months ago by Shawn O’Hare at Fillmore Tattoo and Piercing in Fillmore, California. I think eyelid-eye tattoos kind of scare me (in a I’m gonna have nightmares kind of way, not in a bad idea kind of way), ahaha… Dunno why…

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37 thoughts on “Remember him from Dr. 90210?

  1. I wonder what people who are insanely heavily modified think each morning in the mirror. “Why do I have things sticking out of my forehead?” or “Do I really like what I see?”. Not to say its not impressive in any way, just wondering.

  2. He should get rid of his eyelashes. That would be infinitely creepier.

  3. There s no doubt, facial modification is the biggest leap a person can make!

    It must change your entire sense of identity and 100% of your interactions with people. Only for people with the deepest of commitments.

  4. I can’t help but wonder what this guy’s day-to-day life is like. What’s his job? How do people react at the grocery store, etc?

    I would love to see a film documentary about someone heavily modified, and how their life changes.

  5. omg, is that the guy who got his earlobes sewn back together after they ripped? *shudder*

  6. Cholo[sp?] Sexy man :] I’d beat ;] he looks a lot like this tattoo artist in town[accept much sexier] and Dave doesn’t have his face tattooed, stretched lobes, or his septum done.

  7. eh, personally I think that the eyelid tattoo’s take away from everything else….they aren’t popular so my eyes are really just drawn to those mainly. interesting.

  8. when i was scrolling down i saw the eyes and was totally weirded out
    it took me a good 5 seconds to realize they were tattooed on his eyelids. very confusing.

    very daring though, i must say

  9. I will never forget the Dr. 90210 episode. I had the heebijeebis for the longest time after that episode. Even if you are really mad at someone ripping a piercing out is just wrong.

  10. wow, i love the way the implants work with the pre-existing tattoos!

    but dang, he’s gotten his left ear (which underwent the surgery) fairly large once again! i shall be anxious to see if he ever has to revisit the surgeon

  11. Looks as if he’s rigged something up for a plug on his right side, which looks like….a bad idea..hope it doesn’t split again!

  12. I’d like to see a picture of him with his eyes open – would the tattoo be faintly noticable at all?

  13. Gahh, those eyelid tattoos scare me too. *cries*

    That septum plug looks like it might make breathing difficult!

  14. In response to Milton78, the guys name is ‘Cholo’ and he’s a piercer for Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, CA. He has an insane single dread coming off the top of his head. It’s nuts! Oh and yea….his septum is massive.

  15. I can’t figure out what’s on the tunnel in his lobe either. looks like half a silicone o-ring or something haha.

  16. Sometimes I see people with a lot of facial mods and think it looks overcrowded or doesn’t suit their face, but each and every one of this guy’s mods looks great on his face; they go well.

    Although I have to agree that the eyelid tattoos are a wee bit creepy!

  17. cholos face mods look cool and he has one of my very favourite facial tattoos and I allso think that the eyelid tattoo looks cool. all so a comment about number 2s coment when people like cholo look in the mirror every day they do love what thay see or they would not have had it done and im glad to read that you think it is impressive because i think that it is impressive too from bob fox

  18. If I remember correctly from the Dr. 90210 episode the surgeon said he took a look at his septum while he was under and said not to stretch it anymore or it will break.

    I really wish I knew what that silicone was behind his plug.

  19. I met Cholo at the Central Valley Tattoo Convention in Paso Robles, CA. in March 2006. He is a very nice man. When we talked he was trying to find large guage plugs for his cheek piercings.

  20. hey everyone
    i couldn’t help but read your comments an see your negativity towards cholo,
    i had the privledge to meet him personally an what he does is pretty amazing in my eyes
    “some people get their fix from drug, but i get mine from modifying myself”
    one of the nicest guys i ever met and also his piercing, implants, scarification, an tongue splittings are amazing,
    so don’t question cholo fuckers he’s the shit!!!

  21. For one, cholo is amazing. He does all my piercings. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.
    He’s IS one of the sweetest guys ever.
    I love how insane he is. Its fucking beast.
    If you live in the riverside area, and are planning on getting piercings, go to Artistic Elements in yucaipa. Its soooo worth it:]

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