25 thoughts on “Nipple Fluorography

  1. I thought you were required to remove all metal objects when having an x-ray?!

    Would acrylic, or some other material show up that well?!

  2. sorry, but the piercing on the left looks totaly fake! like it had been added to the photo later..

  3. If you kind of measure from your collar bone to your nipple the placement seems to be about right. I just wonder about the metal and x-rays? I have always had to take off all jewelery, even if they weren’t x-raying an area w/ jewelery.

  4. I accidentally wore a watch while getting an xray done before, and it didn’t do anything to me but my watch stopped working.

  5. i don’t get what makes this special cause x-rays have been in bme galleries many times before,
    maybe it’s the writings… that says: Bus #1…haha, weird…
    saggy tits!

  6. yeah, i agree. doctors usually make you take out jewlery even if its not near the xray. i had to take out my earings for my chest xray. and also the nipples do look reeeeallly far down.

  7. my doctor asked me if it was a nipple piercing or something very wrong when i had an x-ray. Only had one nipple pierced with a ring though.

  8. I’ve had xrays with multiple navel piercings. and the tech didn’t care, he said it was fine.

  9. Before I had my wisdom teeth out, I had a panoramic x-ray done with my nostril screw in place. It looked pretty nifty. I wish I had a copy!

  10. you dont have to take out piercing for xrays, it will not harm them, for ct scans you just have to take it out if it is it the way (hence i shattered my jaw 3 weeks ago, they didnt take any piercings out when xrayed, but for ct had to take piercings out of ear cartilage since it blocked some views of skull they needed) now with mri’s you are REQUIRED to take out ANY AND ALL piercings of metal, you can use plastic rings to keep them open. i have had a lot of meus and done that but when i shattered my jaw i had no choice they took them out before i became concious which really pissed me off haha

  11. for x-rays, they tell you to remove jewelry not because it will cause harm, but because reflections off the metal can make it difficult to examine the actual shadows and light areas of an x-ray to determine what the problem is.

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