31 thoughts on “Pretty Portrait…

  1. Wow, what a gorgeous girl! Her smile just goes all over her face and right to her eyes. Lovely picture

  2. Whoa! Here I am, waiting for this very girl to call me, and I thought I just check on modblog while I’m at it… what a small world…

  3. L, smiley happy looking modded people make me smile too! She has a beautiful smile!

  4. umm..I rlly don’t mean to offend anybody..
    but how does a person with lip piercings like those kiss? lol

    I’m rlly sorry if I offended anybody..it’s just that I only like looking at pics of mods and stuff but dont know anybody who has more thn two or three tattoos and maybe like 1 or 2 piercings..

    although I think she looks SOOOOO pretty..I’m wondering how does she kiss?! lol

    sorry again

  5. curious me: how do i kiss? normally, just with a hint more metal. the tongue took more adjustment than the labrets.

  6. i do have one of the most beautiful ex girlfriends out there.

    i think they’re all saying you look better in the dark if they enjoy this picture so much 😉

    you know i think your beauty is enchanting.

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